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Hi, I'm Jon Bratton and I've been called the prolific internet rhymester.  I'm retired and I've been rhyming for 40+ years. To the left here << the first navigation button is About Me and below there's a link to my life on Facebook

I take it that you're come here wanting a poem or a one liner for a card or speech. You've come to the right place. All the navigation buttons are on the left of each page but there's also clouds of links at the top and bottom of each page. So, you can read on or you can pop to wherever you fancy..Birthday, Love & Marriage or the Days such as Mothers Day, Christmas and so on. Enjoy....

but, first...

I've been writing verses
For 60 years...phew!
And d'yer know why I did it?
T'was especially for you

Jon Bratton

When you send a greetings card you want nice things to say inside the card. Even if the card already has verses or sentiments, you still have to decide what words to write, usually hand written, to express personal best wishes. This website brings you both; the one liners, best wishes words, phrases and sayings to include in a card.

All the main sections are listed below

Personal (non website publishing) use is allowed...see below

I made this 'poems for occasions' site, with care
And added a dollop of niceness
Then sprinkled in some pure love
And that's what makes it priceless 

Jon Bratton © 2011 


Here's a bit about what led me to writing verses

I'm unaware of writing any rhyming material until I was 24 (in 1972) when a guitarist friend asked me to write lyrics for his musical compositions. Much of this may be found here on my blog

After that I was asked by work colleagues to write poems, usually humorous, for example on Valentine cards or Leaving cards. In 1983 I went to work in the Middle East and I was asked to write a Ma Salama Poem(Arabic for Goodbye) for a work colleague going back to the USA. That was the first of many and these publicly performed poems, starting at about 15 verses eventually became 50+ verses long. Most of these, words and original videos may be found by links from Co-Worker Leaving Poems

When I returned from the Middle East I had an Art and Crafts shop and, working with an artist friend, I started producing Doodle Ditties which were framed caricatures of the "victims' along with humorous verses based on what the customer told me about the 'victims'

This is an example of one that was done for the Players to the Manager of the local Premier Football Team as a promotion for this product. The words of this and many others may be found here and here

I continued writing verses for Birthdays and other occasions for crafters on the forum of my son's website Imag-e-nation now La Pashe 

...and the rest, as they say, is history

I've got poetry and sentimental sayings, 
Meaningful messages to send, 
To Parents, Mom, Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister, 
Husband, Wife and Friend. 
Then there's those concerning Love,
St. Valentine's and Engagement, 
The Wedding and New Baby, 
And the Christening arrangement. 
Happy Anniversary words, 
Silver, Ruby, Gold,
Retirement, Funeral, Sympathy, 
We just can't stop getting old. 
If Congratulations on New Job or Home,
Is what you want to say,
I've got that, and Soon Get Well, as well, 
Happy Mother's and Father's Day. 
I've got St. Patrick's Day and Thank You, 
Easter and Christmas too, 
This website's full of exciting card citations
Put here just for you
I've got verses, of course, and poems
Rhymes, ditties, doggerel and clerihews
Call 'em what you like
They all rhyme, you choose
But also there's quintessential quotes
Succinct sentiments, too
Witty and weepy one liners
Or scintillating slogans, in lieu
There's inspirational incites
Heartfelt headlines for impact
Beautiful bullets, sarcastic witticisms
Completely devoid of tact
Cheesy chestnuts, whimsical wisecracks
Exciting or incisive citations
And finally, cool catchphrases and just plain nice things
To say to your friends and relations
Hope you like....

Here, for your extra convenience, are links to the popular Birthday and other material

Birthday Verses

General Birthday

Special Milestone Birthday Material

1st Birthday 
Sweet 16 Birthday 
21st Birthday, 18th Birthday 

Getting Old

30th Birthday
40th Birthday
Age Birthday...including 2nd, 13th, 16th, 40th, 100th
Old Age Birthday
Funny 50th Birthday, aimed at women
Funny 50th Birthday Quotes
Happy 50th Birthday
60th Birthday
Funny Birthday 70th
Over the Hill (incl. for those aged 31 to 69)
Wrinkinsults (Friendly Age Insults)
80th Birthday
(but actually covering 75th- 100th and beyond)

Poem on Age

Birthday for Kids

Belated Birthday

Birthday Bible

All Purpose Birthday Wishes
Happy Birthday
What To Write In Birthday Cards

Family Birthday
Dad Birthday
Step Father Birthday
Mother Birthday
Husband Birthday
Wife Birthday

Birthday lovey dovey
Romantic Birthday

The sentiments relating to Mothers and Fathers are contained in the Mothers Day and Fathers Day material and this can easily be adapted for Mother and Father Birthday. Here are the links
Mothers Day
Fathers Day 

Friend Birthday

Funny Birthday Wishes
Over the Hill 
Funny poem about creeping decrepidness
Unique Birthday Wishes

Other Birthday Material
Men Birthday 
Women Birthday 
Themed Birthday for sports/hobbies

Love Verses



Wedding Page 2
Wedding Phrases
Gifts to Charity (in place of Wedding Gift)
Most Popular Wedding Months
More Material for a Wedding...submitted by visitors
Free Best Man Speech

First Anniversary
Anniversary Material
Anniversary page 1
Anniversary page 2 
Anniversary Love ..from one spouse to the other
Parents Anniversary...for the kids to send
25th Anniversary
50th Anniversary 
60th Anniversary 

Civil Partnership 

Love Poems
Humorous Love 
Love Confession 
Missing You Quotes
Romantic Material

Romantic Birthday 
Love Birthday 
Husband Birthday 
Wife Birthday 

Love Christmas

Valentine Poems on my blog
More Valentine 
Valentine Verses

Moving On 
Hurt or Past Love


Teacher Thanks 

More Verses for Cards elsewhere

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