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21st Birthday Poems, Verses,

but, first...

I've been writing verses
For 60 years...phew!
And d'yer know why I did it?
T'was especially for you

Jon Bratton

Looking for 21st Birthday Poems
Look no further...we have lots for you.
Doubling up also as 18th Birthday Poems..just change 21st to 18th. Please remember this is the World Wide Web and 'Coming of Age", "Drinking Age", "Key of the Door Age" varies around the World. 

Heartiest congratulations
And the best of wishes, too,
For not a (son) (daughter) (niece) (nephew) on this Earth
Deserves it more than you
Happy 21st (18th) Birthday

© V4C

May you have a 21st (18th) Birthday
That's good, nay, nay great.
Because it is your special day
A time to celebrate

© V4C
21st Birthday Poems, Verses

Today's a very special day
A wonderful occasion
You’re 21 (18), you’ve come of age
So let's have a celebration

Congratulations on your 21st (18th) Birthday
Have a fantastic day

© V4C

There's nothing that I’d rather do
Now this special day is here
Than to wish you happy 21st(18th)
Hope you have a brilliant year...
...and life



This 21st Birthday Poems page (and 18th) brings you more than a free short funny happy sweet humorous, even hilarious 21st best wishes poem verse.They are for your free non commercial use and are suitable for writing in a birthday card or including in a speech, toast or roast

It’s a very special Birthday,
A very big event,
That’s the very reason why,
These birthday wishes messages are sent..
May your future be wonderful,
And may all your hopes come true,
Childhood over, adulthood begins
May life be a fantastic one for you

Happy 21st (18th) Birthday

© V4C

Your 21st (18th) Birthday
Is your coming of age
In the Great Book of Life
It’s a very special page.

© V4C

May life from now be the very best
(You’d be surprised if I said the worst)
You’ve got a great deal to celebrate
Have a fantastic 21st (18th)

© V4C

Just a simple greeting
This I’d like to say
The best of luck in everything
Today, on your 21st (18th), and every future day

© V4C

Raising a glass and making a toast
Good luck, by all is said
Here’s hoping your 21st (18th) Birthday
Is the start of a great future ahead

© V4C

carry on, if you've still got a thirst for 21st

birthday poems....

Congrats it’s your 21st (18th) birthday 
And if I may be so bold
To say another year has come and gone
My God, you’re getting old

But hold it, if that is true
Then it must be true for me
I think I’ll start this again
I just can’t let it be

Congrats, it’s your 21st (18th) birthday
Another birthday time
What a superb age you are
At the pinnacle, in your prime

So for you, the birthday person,
Here’s what I want to say:
Welcome to the magnificent 21 Club
And have a really super day

Jon Bratton 2007

This works when it's from a 21 year old but it also works when from someone older by adding
I've been a fully paid up member of the 21 (18) club for the past (23) years

© V4C

Your 21st (18th) birthday is just the first day of your twenty first 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy this special trip

© V4C

Just coz you’re 21 (18), don't go letting common sense get in the way of doing things everyone else knows are impossible.

© V4C

The first twenty one (eighteen) years are the longest half of your life.
Youth is fleeting. you’ll soon be seeing
From hereon in, youth will be fleeing

© V4C

Life does not have to be perfect, to be wonderful

© V4C

Finally 21 (18), and legally able to do everything you've been doing since 15.

© V4C

Here’s a happy 21st (18th) birthday thought
 You are at the age where you can legally get paralytic and lose your money from gambling.
Do neither, is my advice

© V4C

There are 30+ pages of birthday material and to see it all you might want to visit the 
Birthday Site Map from this 21st Birthday Poems page

Because birthdays are the most common need for poems/verses you might want to bookmark the Birthday Site Map

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is a huge search but really quotes by famous folk are not particularly good for a greetings card. I suspect that what you really want are sentiments for a 21st or 18th birthday

Have a lovely jubbly kinda day

They could be used for different friends, on their own or with this verse

It's your 21st birthday so....

Have the sort of day
That will make you say
"Hip, hip hooray"
Have a whale of a day

And the chances oughta be fair
You'll have a cloud nine sorta year

Jon Bratton © 2013

The following can stand alone or be used with the above verse, or any of the verses on this page which with different descriptions for the day and for the year gives thousands of different combinations

Have a whale of a day

Have a tickled pink day

Have a first rate day

Have a five star day

Have a top notch day

Have a World class day

Have a 24 karat day

Have a cloud nine day

Have a sunny side up day

Have a chirpy chirpy cheep cheep day

Have a hundred proof, gilt edged day

The combinations increase if you combine many together in an amusing exaggerated way

Have a first rate, five star, top notch, world class, 24 karat day


Have a sunny side up, chirpy, chirpy cheep cheep, rinky dink, walking on air kinda day

Have a zippety do da day

Have a zippity doo dah day

There are several ways to spell this Disney creation and indeed the song lends itself to be used for an occasion

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
My, oh my it's your 21st birthday
Plenty of sunshine heading your way
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay

Mister Bluebird on your shoulder
It's the truth, it's actch'll
Ev'rything is satisfactch'll
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
Have a wonderful feeling, a wonderful day!

Have a gloriously gorgeous day 

Have a top drawer day

Have a peach of a day

Have a day of days

Have a rinky dink day 

Have a putting on the ritz day 

Have a pizzazz filled day 

Have a staggeringly stupendous day

Have a zippy day

Have a cheerful day

Have a contented day

Have a delightful day

Have a wonderful day

Have an ecstatic day

Have an elated day

Have a glad day

Have a joyful day

Have a jubliant day

Have a merry day

Have an overjoyed day

Have a pleasing day

Have an upbeat day

Have a blessed day

Have a chipper day

Have a convivial day

Have a gay day

Have a walking on air day

Have a sunny day

Have a sparkling day

Have a playful day

Have a perky day

Have a mirthful day

Have a smiling day

Have a jolly day

Have a flying high day

Have a winsome day

Have a pep filled day

Have a satisfying day

Have a serene day

Have an amazing day

Have a marvellous day

Have an outstanding day

Have a phenomenal day

Have a remarkable day

Have a wondrous day

Have a divine day

Have a groovy day

Have a matchless day

Have a splendiferous day

Have a stupendous day

Have a majestic day

Have a fab day

Have a grand day 

Have a mind blowing day 

Have a monumental day 

Have the very best of days 

Have a stunning day

Have a snazzy day 

Have a catchpenny day 

Have a day of days

Have an exquisite day of the very best order

Have a strikingly sterling day

Have a top notch day

Have an A1 day

Have a dashingly dandy day

Have a deluxe day

Have an uncommonly good day

Have a rare day

Have an exquisite day

Have a solid gold day

Have a winning day

Have a consummate day