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Wedding Verses

but, first...

I've been writing verses
For 60 years...phew!
And d'yer know why I did it?
T'was especially for you

Jon Bratton

Welcome to Wedding Verses 
To (Jeremy) and (Gemima)
You share a love that's true
Congratulations and Best Wishes 
On this day you say "I do"

© V4C  

Wedding poems

You two have decided that 
You'll share one house for life,
And call yourselves, instead of friends,
A husband and a wife. 

© V4C  

Wedding Poems 
Poetry verse 

Today you are one, we cherish two: 
Loving not just one, but both of you. 

© V4C  

On this page I bring you wedding poetry verses suitable for congratulations, well wishing, for cards or invitations, or asking for money as a wedding gift, some serious and /or inspirational, some humorous, indeed downright funny, some Christian, or otherwise religious for card making, scrapbooking or making a speech, from or to sister, parent, daughter, mother, son, brother, bride, groom, bridesmaid, best man or mother in law. 

Coming up is the first batch of wedding verses, wedding readings, verses about marriage or marriage poetry, including poems for weddings held in Cyprus, Las Vegas etc. Wedding Verses

Marriage Poetry verse 

Wedding poem / verse to son / daughter

Today (dear Son), as you walk down the aisle 
You'll see all the faces wearing a smile. 
But as we remember those young tender years
Our smiles will conceal a few hidden tears.
They're not tears of sorrow, but tears full of joy 
As we're both thinking back to our dear little boy 
And now you have grown up and made us so proud 
As you smile for the camera and the rest of the crowd 
Remember dear (name) as you take your new wife 
You're still very much a part of our life! 
We're gaining a daughter. not losing a son, 
You're new lives as husband and wife have begun 
So be blissfully happy and enjoy your 'Big Day' 
Have a wonderful marriage with a rose strewn way! 

Today (dear daughter), as you walk down the aisle 
You'll see all the faces wearing a smile. 
But as we remember those young tender years 
Our smiles will conceal a few hidden tears. 
It isn't through sadness , our emotions just whirl 
As we're both thinking back to our dear little girl 
And now you have grown and made us so proud 
As you smile for the camera and the rest of the crowd 
Remember dear (name) as you become a new wife 
You're still very much a part of our life!
We're not losing a daughter, we are gaining a son,
You're new lives as husband and wife have begun
So be blissfully happy and enjoy your 'Big Day' 
Have a wonderful marriage with a rose strewn way! 

Both versions of verse by Marjie

more wedding verses

Marriage Wedding Verses 
Poetry verse 

It's fitting that it's sunny
As you become a wife
Since from the day that you were born
You've been the sunshine of my life

You've been the perfect daughter
I couldn't have asked for more
This comes with love to my Wonderful
Daughter and son-in-law

© V4C  More General Wedding Verses
Wedding Verses 
Poetry verse 

May this special day you share
Be filled with love and laughter 
May all the days ahead 
Be happy ever after

© V4C  

Getting hitched Verses 
Poetry verse 

Poetry verse 

You're a very special couple 
You make the perfect pair 
This brings a wish for happiness 
In the future you will share. 

© V4C 

General Wedding Verses Poems

In olden times sacrifices were made at the altar
From today, make lots to each other
A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers

© V4C  

A Wedding Day Toast

Eat, drink and be married

© V4C  
Wedding verses

Let the magic begin.

© V4C  

To (Jeremy) and (Gemima)
A heaven-made match, a perfect pair
This brings a wish for happiness
In the future that you'll share

© V4C  

Poem From Bride to Groom

(Jeremy) have a lovely day
As you enter Paradise
Look out for the girl in the big white frock
You'll find her very nice

Take your place by her side
Squeeze her hand with a loving touch
Say "I do" and she will too
For she loves you very much

She knows that you love her too
And that you'll always be her rock
This card, it comes with the fondest love
From the girl in the big white frock

Jon Bratton c 2005

© V4C
Wedding verses  

Here's some more poems for a wedding, alternatively called poems on marriage, wedding invitation poems, poems for weddings or wedding verses

General Wedding Poems Verses Quotes

May you have warm words on a cold evening,
A full moon on a dark night, 
And the road downhill all the way to your door.

© V4C  

May you cherish these moments
For all of your life
As you step out together
As man and wife.
May the vows that you've taken
Remain true and strong
As you start on life's highway
And journey along.

© V4C  

Once upon a time you (two met) (met your prince/Knight)
You've shared much love and laughter
May your marriage be a fairy tale
Happy ever after

Jon Bratton c 2004

© V4C  
Wedding verses

Extending the previous verse, suitable for a small child (girl)to send to mother or father getting married to what will become the child's step dad or step mum (mom)

Once upon a time you two met
You've shared much love and laughter
May your marriage be a fairy tale
Happy ever after

I'm glad I'm in the fairy tale
And you are too I guess
Congratulations, King and Queen
From your fairy tale Princess

for a boy, the second verse could be

I'm glad I'm in the fairy tale
The future's looking bright
Congratulations, King and Queen
From your loyal, courageous Knight

© V4C  

Marriage is so much more interesting than divorce, 
Because it's the only known example of the happy meeting of the immovable object and the irresistible force. 
So I hope husbands and wives will continue to debate and combat over 
everything debatable and combatable, 
Because I believe a little incompatibility is the spice of life, particulary if 
he has income and she is pattable.

Ogden Nash

© V4C
Wedding verses  

If marriage were outlawed
Only outlaws would have in-laws

© V4C  

Niagra Falls, on a honeymoon,
Is the bride's second great disappointment.

(adapted from Oscar Wilde)

© V4C  

Renewal of Vows

Life with you has been so nice
I'll marry you, not once, but twice

© V4C  

More Wedding Verses Poetry 

© V4C  

As husband and wife
You're on the threshold
Of a wonderful life

© V4C  

Never go to sleep
On an argument
Just get used to
Going without sleep
For 2 or 3 weeks at a time

© V4C  
Wedding verses

On this your special day, remember
Love is grand
Divorce, a hundred grand

© V4C  

Put a penny in a pot every time you make love
over the next twelve months
Take a penny out everytime after that

You'll never empty the pot

© V4C  

On this your wedding day, I offer you this truism

The best way to remember your wife's birthday is... forget it once

© V4C  
Wedding verses

THE following are personalized wedding poems I wrote for specific people but they may be used as a source of inspiration when seeking a verse for someone with similar hobbies, habits, traits, characteristics.

Doctor and Aromatherapist / one is a Newcastle United supporter, the other supports arch rivals Sunderland AFC

Congratulations Samantha and Alan
On this your wedding day
Would it happen this Millennium?
We've heard some cynics say

But it's been a well structured plan
Head ruling heart
Besides, courting ain't easy
Four hundred miles apart

When one went north, the other south
To feed your hungry brains
Richard Branson spotted a winner
And set up Virgin trains

Now you've cornered the healing market
Very shrewd, that's for sure
You've got modern medical science
And Nature's old time cure

Ailments don't stand a chance
That could not be clearer
There's drugs or the knife..and have you met the wife?
She's got Aloe Vera

You really make a perfect team
Team? oh no we've spotted a catch
Can you try to avoid coming to blows
Every derby match

We're very proud of both of you
On this your special day
God bless you both and best of luck 
Dr. and Mrs. A...

© V4C  
Wedding verses

In St Georges Tavern, he overheard
A girl make an odd request
“May I have a curly sausage, please?”
          And the barman smiled and said "Yes"

Amused, Gary asked the pretty stranger 
(His recent meeting had been a success)
  “Will you join me, please, in a celebratory drink?” 
And the girl from Durango said “Yes”.

From that meeting their courting flourished 
  They sought a mutual address.
  She applied to a Masters Degree program
And Newcastle Uni. said “Yes”.

By and by, he proposed to his sweetheart 
Her response is easy to guess. 
  In the "curly sausage" pub, 12 months to the day
The girl from Durango said “Yes”.

To the question, “Will you take this man.. as your lawful?” 
At Matfen, where the knot they did tie 
The bride from Durango, now a Geordie 
Said “I will, canny hinny, whey aye”.

As they start their journey as husband and wife
Gary and Bailey would likely confess
Delight, if all their family and friends
From both sides of the pond, said "Yes!"

The Wedding Verses / Poems / Quotes I brought you include wedding poems readings, funny wedding poems for speeches, short wedding poems and wedding love poems Please pass on my best wishes to the persons you know who have wed. Call again for more verses and poems and perhaps it might be a good idea to add our home page to your Favourites (Favorites)

Wedding Poem suitable for best man's speech describing how the couple met 

Several versions of The RECIPE for a HAPPY LIFE #8

1 cup consideration 
2 cups praise
1 small pinch of in laws
1 teaspoon contentment
1 gallon of patience
2 tablespoons flattery 
1 cup encouragement
a dash of faith and trust 
Blend well, sweeten with generous portions of love. Keep warm with a steady flame of passion.
Serves 2.

© V4C  
Wedding verses

Take a couple of whole months, clean them thoroughly of all Bitterness, Rumours, Hate and Jealousy; in other words, make them as fresh and as clean as possible. Now cut each month into 28, 30 or 31 different parts... But don't make up the whole batch at once.. Instead prepare it One Day at a Time. Mix well each day: 
One part of Faith, 
One of Patience,
One of Courage,
One of Work,
Add one part each of:
Blend with:
One part Prayer,
One part Meditation
Good Deeds. 
Season the whole with:
a dash of Good Spirit,
a sprinkle of Fun,
a pinch of Play
a cupful of Good Humor. 
Pour all of this into a Vessel Of Love, 
Cook thoroughly over Radiant Joy 
Garnish with Smiles
serve with Quietness, Unselfishness and Cheerfulness 
And you are bound to have a Happy Life. 

© V4C 
Wedding verses

wedding cake recipe:

1/2 lb good looks 
1lb sweet temper
1lb butter of youth
1lb blindness of faults
1lb of wit
1lb good humor
2lb of sweet argument
1 pint of rippling laughter
1 wine glass of common sense
a dash of modesty

Put the love good looks and a sweet temper into a well furnished house.Beat the butter of youth into a cream,and mix well together with the blindness of faults. Stir the wit and good humor into the sweet argument then add the rippling laughter and common sense.Work the whole thing together until everything is well mixed,and bake gently forever

© V4C 

3 cups Love
2 cups Warmth
1 cup Forgiveness
1 cup Friends
4 spoon Hope
2 spoons Tenderness
1 pint Faith
1 barrel Laughter

Combine love & warmth
Mix thoroughly with tenderness
Add forgiveness
Blend with friends & hope
Sprinkle all remaining tenderness
Stir in faith and laughter
Bake with sunshine
Serve daily in generous helpings.

© V4C
Wedding verses  

Marriage Poetry verse 

As you transform to Mrs from Miss 
You'll enter the world of wedded bliss

Submitted by Lesley

© V4C  

Marriage Poetry verse 

Side by side,
Rarely apart 
Hand in hand, 
Heart to heart.

© V4C 

Marriage Poetry verses 

Two souls with but a single thought, 
Two hearts that beat as one.

Wedding Verses 
Marriage Poetry verse 

Use your imagination, Live romantically.

© V4C  

Wedding Verses 
Poetry verse 

Congratulations Samantha and Alan
On this your wedding day 
Would it happen this Millennium? 
We've heard some cynics say

A man behaving badly 
Unkempt and a bit of a scruff 
Met a spick and span young lady 
Who fancied a bit of rough 

He acted like greased lightning 
Dynamic, you know the kind 
XX years that's all it took 
For Alan to make up his mind

Let's face it, Sam wasn't choosy 
She admits it to herself 
No spring chicken she feared that she'd 
Be left up on the shelf 

But despite major differences 
The pair found common ground
For example, his big bum matches her big nose 
Or is it the other way round? 

They share a love of (foreign hols) 
They're (XYZ )and (AB) fans 
Love flourished and so the two of them 
Hatched their wedding plans 

While Samantha thinks of kissing 
When Alan's lips are pursed 
His mind is on a can of Bud 
To quench his prodigious thirst 

And so in the Summer of ( 2007 )
The (Scouser) took his (Geordie) wife 
Good luck you whirlwind romantics 
Have a long and happy life

© V4C 

Wedding Poetry Verses

Congratulations (John and Amanda)
On your marriage, just a few hours old
Weren't the children well behaved?
Even (Alan) was as good as gold

It's 10 years since they met 
And today, finally, he's managed to trap her
Starting out at the Ship, they've ended in the harbour
Here in Ayia Napa

Six years they were a-courting
'Would she ever leave home?' Alan would fret
You see she worked days and he worked nights
So they hardly ever met

Alan dropped hints to Amanda
Your own love nest would be nice
And eventually they moved to (Oakwood)
(112), to be precise

And there they started begatting
And all that luvvy dovey stuff
They must have been good coz in no time at all
(Amanda) was up the duff

Along came young (Daniel and Nathan)
To make their family complete
Or is it? Who knows what'll happen
The honeymoon starts the neet!

Well, that's the potted history
So all that remains to say
Is thanks a lot (John and Amanda)
For a really smashin' day

We all agree the bride is beautiful
Like a queen from a golden palace
She walked down the aisle Miss Nicholson
And back up it Mrs Allis

And if we didn't thank the bridesmaids
We really would fail
(Sophie) and (Hannah) you're beautiful
Like Princesses from a fairy tale

We should thank best man Harry
And Alan, the bride giver away
And the mothers Lynne and Shirley 
Thanks for all you've done today

And thanks too to John the groom
Looking handsome as can be
And not forgetting the fat bloke reading the poem
So that's a thanks a lot to me

And finally...let's raise our glasses
To toast the stars of today
Have a very long and happy life
Mr and Mrs A

© V4C  

Wedding Invitations for a couple who have lived together where a monetary gift would be more appropriate

Poetry verse 

You're invited to our wedding
When we both say "I do" 
And, as you know, we've been "I doing"
(For at least a year or two) 
or (For quite some time, that's true)

Therefore there's no wedding list 
The household things we need are few 
So if you're thinking of a wedding gift 
Money's the practical thing to do 

Suggest the couple then hand write 

Cheques must be accompanied by a bankers card or Used fivers under the park bench 
or By the wheelbarrow load, please 

Jon Bratton © 2007

© V4C 

Wedding Verses 
Marriage Poetry verse 

This invites you to witness 
(Name and Name) say ''I Do'' 
If you wish to give something 
Here's a clue for you

Be it kettle or toaster, 
They do have the lot 
So rather than give them 
Something they've got... 

Larger items are needed 
And on these they must spend 
So cash is appreciated, 
Hope this doesn't offend 

© V4C 

Wedding Verses 
Poetry verse 

We'd love you to come to our wedding
We look forward to seeing you there.
But please could you do us a favour?
And show us you really do care.
We have all the toasters we needed
And kettles are easy to find
Bed linen we have in abundance
And clocks that we don't have to wind
The glasses we have are quite lovely
And the cutlery still has it's shine
The ornaments all have their places
And the furniture all looks just fine.
The white ware is even still gleaming
The microwave cooks up a treat
The washer is still quite effective
And the iron still keeps our clothes neat.
So if you'd like to give us a present
Save a trip to the shops or the net
It's the money we'd rather be getting
And its easier to wrap it, we bet.
So please come help join us together
Help celebrate our special day
But please don't come loaded with boxes
They would only get in our way!

© V4C  

Wedding Poems Verses Quotes
Poetry verse 

Unsure in our minds, of what we may need,
Not wanting to offend, or show any greed,
We have the essentials to be living in sin,
A kettle, a toaster, and even a bin.
So , vouchers are requested, in order to proceed,
With the purchases that we, will eventually need.

© V4C  

The date has been set and we'd love you to come,
To our wedding in (place name), a long way for some,
All you must do, is decide what to wear,
Then polish your jewellery and comb up your hair.

Don't worry about gifts, don't buy us a yacht,
The things that we need, we've already got.
Our home is quite compact, we may have to move
Then our storage and space will surely improve.

Don't go out shopping or get yourself stressed,
Don't alter your plans for a pre wedding rest.
If you want to be generous, despite what we've said,
Then save all the hassle and do this instead.....

Don't know how to word this but will give it our best shot..
Contributions are most welcome, we'll go somewhere hot!
A honeymoon would be marvellous, to start off our life,
In our long winding journey, as new husband and wife!
Thank you

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