Most Popular Wedding Months

Most Popular Wedding Months is the title of this page because we know you want to know this, bride or groom to be, wedding planner, florist, gift retailer, jeweler, travel agent and everyone in the huge wedding business wanting a slice of the average spend per wedding of $20,000-$40,000

There will be many statistics from various Government and commercial bodies. Ours are based on the number of people throughout the English speaking World who have searched for, and found on our site, poems for weddings

Jan is the 11th most popular
Feb is the 10th most popular
Mar is the 8th most popular
Apr is the 7th most popular

May is the 4th most popular
Jun is the 3rd most popular
Jul is the 2nd most popular
Aug is the Most popular
Sep is the 5th most popular

Oct is the 6th most popular
Nov is the 9th most popular
Dec is the Least Popular

It is not surprising, since most of the figures come from the Northern Hemisphere, that the most popular months to get married are the Summer months...August the biggest month, followed by July, June, May and September. Next are October and April with November, February, January and December, in that order bringing up the rear.

Wedding Months

(In Australia September and October are almost equally the most popular months to get married, followed by November and then surprisingly August. January is the least popular, along with February, June and July)

The searches for Wedding Anniversary poems, which covers the Paper (1st) Anniversary thro Diamond (60th) Anniversary reveals what might have changed over the past 60 years.

No real surprise that the 5 warmer months are still the leaders. Indeed, it is alleged that the tradition of brides carrying a bouquet of flowers, arising in less deodorised times, was to mask their body odor. August still occupies the top spot. July drops down to 4th place and June moves into 2nd place. June is named after Juno, the Roman Goddess of Marriage and her month was considered the proper month for a wedding...clearly that meant more back when than it does now. The Spring/Fall months follow and then Winter. The only real change is December where it is now in last place for Weddings but is in 9th place for Wedding Anniversaries. (In Victorian times many weddings were held between Christmas and New Year. It made sense, the relatives were gathered and the house was decorated)

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