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Children Halloween Poems, Verses

but, first...

I've been writing verses
For 60 years...phew!
And d'yer know why I did it?
T'was especially for you

Jon Bratton

Children Halloween Poems
It's time for Halloween,
For black cats and pumpkins, too...
It's time for lots of real-scary fun
For someone sweet - like you!


Hope you have a Halloween
That's bright and scary too
Because this is the kind of day
That's being wished for you.


© V4C

 This is the scary spookily spook-tacular spook page, the place you will find odious odd odes, very scary, or worse, verses, devilish and diabolical ditties, rotten rhymes and putrid poems pertaining to spookinasticular naughtiness at night...the night of 31-10 for using in cards or invites or for handing to people when you threaten them with tricks if they don't give you treats. Extortion now and soon it'll be blackmail...that's what you call the letter to Santa that you stick up the chimney 

© V4C
Children Halloween Poems for Kids

Ghosts and goblins, cats and bats,
We're not afraid of this or that.
They are only make-believe,
Funny costumes on Halloween.
Ghosts and goblins, cats and bats,
We're not afraid of this or that.


Raising from the dead,
to witch you a
spine chilling Halloween.

Children Halloween poems

Have a blood curdling Halloween! 


Witching Hour is here again.
Brew up the unexpected!!

Happy Halloween 


Happy Halloween
to my favorite


When the moon is riding high,
you know it's party time!

Witching you a Happy Halloween


Children Halloween Poems

more children halloween poems, verses

Oh my
O my God
What is that?
It's soooo scary
And getting scarier
By the second.. minute
This poem is a witch's hat

Jon Bratton 2010

(This is not a's two witches rising up out of their graves)

Five little pumpkins 
Sitting on a gate.
The first one said,
"Oh, my it's getting late!"
The second one said,
"There are witches in the air!"
The third one said,
"Well, I don't care!"
The fourth one said,
"Let's run and run and run!"
The fifth one said,
"I'm ready for some fun!"
Ooooo went the wind
And out went the lights
And the five little pumpkins
Rolled out of sight.


We bought a fat orange pumpkin 
The plumpest sort they sell. 
We neatly scooped the inside out
And only left the shell. 
We carved a funny funny-face 
Of silly shape and size, 
A pointy nose, a jagged mouth
And two enormous eyes. 
We set it in a window 
And we put a candle in, 
Then lit it up for all to see 
Our jack-o'lantern grin.

The jack -o'lantern chuckled
Then winked his funny eye,
"I would rather be a pumpkin-face
Than be inside a pie!"
Jolly wolly pumpkin face
You're happy tell us why.
I'd rather be a pumpkin face
And not a pumpkin pie! 

Free Children Halloween poems 

A grandmother pretends she doesn't know who you are on Halloween.
Erma Bombeck


Witch and ghost make merry on this last of dear October’s days. 


When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.


Scarey Children Halloween poems for kids

From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us!
~Scottish Saying


A gypsy fire is on the hearth,
Sign of the carnival of mirth;
Through the dun fields and from the glade
Flash merry folk in masquerade,
For this is Hallowe'en!


May Jack-o-lanterns burning bright
Of soft and golden hue
Pierce through the future’s veil and show
What fate now holds for you.


On Hallowe'en the thing you must do
Is pretend that nothing can frighten you
And if somethin' scares you and you want to run
Just let on like it's Hallowe'en fun.


Funny Children Halloween poems 

When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam,
May luck be yours on Halloween.


Have a Spook-tacular


Hope your Halloween's
one big treat!


Join us if you dare
for a Halloween scare.....

Children Halloween Poems for cards

Only Naughty Children See Spooks on Halloween

Witches and goblins, spooks and elves,
With sprites and gnomes from elf-land delves,
Tonight are flying here and there,
Yes, up and down and everywhere.
For this one night in all the year
They rule the earth and bring great fear
To all the naughty little boys
Who tease good girls and break their toys.

These spooks they also make girls sad
When they are selfish, cross and bad;
So when it's dark, bad boys and maids,
They see these awful fearsome shades,
And that is why with covered heads,
They trembling lie in their warm beds.

But even there they goblins see,
Spooks and gnomes, and all that be
Abroad upon weird Halloween
When all the wizards may be seen
By naughty kids and grown-up folks
Who like to play most wicked jokes.

But good young girls and gentle boys,
The kids who are their mothers' joys
They like the dark just as the light,
For spooks never come within their sight,
And in their dreams they lovely elves
Show them bright scenes from fairy delves.

So, if tonight you are afraid
Of any spook or any shade,
We'll know you are a naughty child,
So cross and wilful, rude and wild.

Winifred Sackville Stoner, Jr. 


At Halloween now, there's beautiful costumes to see
Imported from China as cheap as can be
It's a huge event but it wasn't always so
A mummy was just bandages from head to toe

You see there were no costumes to buy or hire
So, for example, to look just like a vampire
We used a pencil sharpener to sharpen our teeth
Then, for the blood effect, we stuck chillies underneath

When my sister chose to be a werewolf, dad dressed her
By taking granny's coat and removing the fur
Which he super glued to her skin, to come off there's no way
She was still a bit furry come Thanksgiving Day

Being a realistic witch was no trouble at all
Dad gave me a broomstick, and pushed me off a wall
My brother wanted to be a spider so dad, on a whim
Gently placed him on the floor, and stamped on him

My sister, as a pumpkin, had a look to admire
'Till dad lit the candle and her hair caught on fire
To be a bat that hangs upside down in the dark
My feet were nailed to the ceiling, you can still see the mark

My baby sister wanted to be a skeleton, very thin
So dad removed all her clothes, then removed all her skin
And I bet if we told this to the kids of today
"You're joshing me" is what they'd say

But it's true
Would I lie to you?
Jon Bratton © 2010

© V4C

Children Halloween Poems

This Halloween Costumes Poems section brings you that  ^ long and now here's a short poem about outfits that are worn in modern day hallowe'en celebrations that just weren't available or affordable in your parent's youth 

Children Halloween Poems for kids greeting cards

Ghoulies and ghosties come out tonight
It's the night of the year to give folk a fright
So dress in all your frightening gear
To make everyone scream and run off in fear

Margmax © 2010 

© V4C

Well, little children, come again next year 
If not scared enough this time
Because we are brewing up a soup
Of rat infested rancid rhyme
A great big horrible fat vat 
Of bubbling bilious black spew stew 
Made with foul smelling ditch water 
We're making it especially for you
We're adding the stench of odious odes 
And vile verses, stirred in with care
So come along little children
Next year, if YOU DARE!!!

More Children Halloween Poems, Images

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