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but, first...

I've been writing verses
For 60 years...phew!
And d'yer know why I did it?
T'was especially for you

Jon Bratton

Engagement poems verses quotes
To (Jeremy) and (Gemima)
You share a love, that's true
You're commited to one another
And, one day, will say "I do"

Jon Bratton © 2005

© V4C 

From one engagee to the other

A love for eternity
(A love made in heaven)
Is what I'm sure we've got
Because I not only know I love you
But I know I'll never not

Jon Bratton © 2005

© V4C

To (Jeremy) and (Gemima)
A heaven-made match, a perfect pair
This brings a wish for happiness
In the future that you'll share

Jon Bratton 2005

 © V4C 

Once upon a time you met
And shared much love and laughter
May your Engagement continue the fairy tale
Happy Ever After

Jon Bratton © 2005

© V4C  

A little birdie told me
You've been to the jewellery store
Congratulations, brother/sister/son/daughter
And future sister in law/brother in law/ daughter in law/ son in law

Jon Bratton © 2005

© V4C 

You have just become engaged this night
That you have, we think is very right
We can't wait until we get an invite
To see the Princess on her wedding Knight

Should 'on' read 'and'??

Jon Bratton ©2010

© V4C 

You've agreed to get hitched
You've named the big day
Congrats, congrats
Ulations, we say

Jon Bratton © 2010

© V4C 
Engagement Poems Verses Quotes

You're engaged, you say
You've named the day
Whoever thought you'd click?
(Simon's) on good pay
So the diamond, we pray,
Is about the size of a brick

Jon Bratton © 2010

© V4C 

more engagement poems verses quotes

Grow old with me! The best is yet to be.
Robert Browning

© V4C 

The highest happiness on earth is marriage. 
William Lyon Phelps

© V4C 

Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. 
Albert Einstein

© V4C 

Love one another and you will be happy. It's as simple and as difficult as that.
Michael Leunig

© V4C

What a happy and holy fashion it is that those who love one another should rest on the same pillow.
Nathaniel Hawthorne

© V4C 

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. 
Nora Ephron, When Harry Met Sally

© V4C 

My heart to you is given
Oh, do give yours to me
We'll lock them up together
 And throw away the key

Frederick Saunders

Engagement Quotes

For you see, each day I love you more
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow
Rosemonde Gerard

© V4C 

Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

© V4C 

It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. 
Rita Rudner

© V4C 

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same. 
Emily Brontë

© V4C 

Love is a game that two can play and both win. 
Eva Gabor

© V4C 

Candle light, moon light, star light,
The brightest glow is from love light.
Grey Livingston

© V4C 

Well done the two of you
We knew right from the very start;
That you were meant for each other
And that you'd shared your hearts.

We wish you all the very best
That love and life can bring;
That all goes well with all your plans
And that your hearts will always sing
Maggie-May © 2011

© V4C 
Engagement Poems Verses Quotes

Well, well the sunshine brings out
True love forever more;
Holidaying together just showed you
Each other you adore.

So Congratulations to you both
You make a very fine pair;
Everyone is so very happy
Your lives be blessed and full of care

© V4C 
Engagement Poems Verses Quotes

Well done! finally you've said it
What we have all known for years;
That you both are meant for each other
Otherwise there would be tears.

You're finally engaged and about to set the date
We're all looking forward to it so come on when and how;
It takes some planning as we found out
We can help you, we're in the know!

A hearty Congratulations to the pair of you
We really are so happy;
We all love you both to bits
Now the kids are out of nappies.

They've nagged you into this
A bit like Angeline and Brad;
But you've been together a long time now
Tie the knot and weave the plaid.

Maggie-May © 2011

© V4C 

Congratulations and best wishes to both of you today
We add our wishes for a future perfect in every way
And when life has it's up's and down's just remember this
There is nothing that cannot be mended with a sorry and a kiss

Margmax © 2010

© V4C  
Engagement Poems Verses Quotes

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