Jon Bratton's

80th Birthday Poems..
..not only but also 70th+, 85th, 90th, 95th, 99th, 100th, 100th+

but, first...

I've been writing verses
For 60 years...phew!
And d'yer know why I did it?
T'was especially for you

Jon Bratton

80th Birthday Poems thro to 100th and beyond
On your (80th)(90th)(100th) Birthday
It's hoped you'll realize
How highly you're respected
How kind you are and wise

For age is just a state of mind
And life can still be fun
You know how to enjoy yourself
As much as anyone.

So make this great occasion
A chance to celebrate
Indulge in happy reminiscence
On this memorable date.

Wishing you a very Happy 80th-90th-100th Birthday

© V4C
80th Birthday Poems

(Eight) (Nine) (Ten) decades on, and you’re still ticking
There’s no bucket yet, ready for kicking
(You continue to give life a whirl
Have a wonderful day, Octogenarian Birthday Girl)
(Having you around, brings so much joy
Have a wonderful day, Octogenarian Birthday Boy)

Jon Bratton © 2009

© V4C 

Quinquagenarian, 50-60
Sexagenarian, 60-70
Septuagenarian, 70-80
Octogenarian, 80-90
Nonagenarian, 90-100
Centenarian, 100 to 109
Supercentenarian, 110 and older

 © V4C

Reaching (80) you have gained wisdom and pride
You give good advice, always there to guide 
You try to help out in every way you can
You seem to love all, whether child, woman or man
You’re always there to listen and lend a guiding hand
You show respect and try to understand
You give love, devotion and so much more
So it’s onwards and upwards, that’s for sure
Having a great 80th is certainly deserved by you
(Indeed we’ll all be there to see that you do)
(You’ll have family and friends to see that you do)

© V4C

This is an (80th-100th) birthday tribute
To someone very special and very dear
And that's precisely why this crowd of folk
Have all gathered here

We're here, not coz we love parties
Though, of course, we do
We're here for something precious
That 'something precious' is you

We've come in different sizes
And ages, most considerably less than yours
The word was put out about your birthday
And we rallied to the cause

You are, of course, special to each and every one of us
But to each, you have a different guise
Some love your (sense of humor)
Some because you're very wise

Some because (you bake lovely things)
Some love your stories of olden days
Some love (that you give them candies)
Some just love your loving ways

Some love you as their (Mother)
Some as their friend and old soulmate
Some call you their (Grandmother)
The littlies call you GREAT (great grandmother)

There's a common theme developing here
It's something you can't see or touch
Ther thing we all have in common is
We all love you so very much

Jon Bratton 2012

© V4C
80th Birthday Poems

If someone unexpectedly travels some distance to be at the party you could do what this grandson, away studying at University, did as a birthday surprise guest

(Edna Stobbs) please let me say
How great you look on this special day
Tonight with you I would not miss
And all that I ask is just one little kiss

We've all come here to wish you well
So light my candle and ring my bell
And now that you've turned 73
How would you like to party with me

Well, (Mrs Stobbs) you are an ace
You're more than just a pretty face
You're bright, charming and quite a beauty
Not to mention a down right cutie

Well, what's the question I hear you ask
Who is that behind the mask?
Well, I thought it would be rather neat
To make your family quite complete

Paul Perro © 1997 

© V4C
80th Birthday Poems

The need for poems for the 75th birthday and upwards thru 80th, 85th, 90th, 95th, 99th, 100th differs from other milestone birthdays. For a start there are less contemporaries around. At the older end of the milestone birthdays poems are less about getting old and more in the form of a tribute to longevity. Often the whole family gathers for a tribute party, where material is needed to reflect the celebrant's hobbies, interests etc. It is not possible to create a poem to reflect these individual traits. However, I have written generic verses which could be used to top and tail a very specific poem 

80th birthday poems...more than you shake your stick at!

Here's an 80th birthday poem
what I write...
for your edification... 
and delight

Today's your (99th)birthday 
'Happy Birthday' will be sung
And in no time at all 
You'll be 100 years young

Jon Bratton © 2012

© V4C
80th Birthday Poems

It's hard to believe you've reached the big Eight-O
You're such a youthful person, as we all know
May your years stretch in future length
May your health go from strength to strength
May today be an extra special one for you
May you find happiness in all you do

Jon Bratton © 2008

© V4C

On your (80th) birthday
Consider this fact absolute
Time is Infinite
So remain resolute

If your body seems to be deteriorating
And showing signs immortality's gone
Adopt the wartime spirit

Keep Calm and Carry On 

Jon Bratton © 2012

© V4C
80th Birthday Poems

You've hit the ton, you look so young
Some might think you fake it
And all your friends in heaven
Will think you didn't make it

Tell 'em, there's no hurry
Have a wonderful 100th birthday

Jon Bratton © 2013

© V4C

 At 80, the body weakens
And loses its vigor and powers
The wee small hours in the middle of the night
Become the wee wee hours

Jon Bratton © 2004

© V4C

You often now get out of breath
Like undoing buttons to undress
Removing the cap from off a pill bottle
Or playing a vigorous game of chess

Jon Bratton © 2004

© V4C

Wrinkinsults...cheeky birthday wishes 

Here's more poems that could be used for an 80th 

And yet more 80th Birthday Poems to 100th Birthday Poems, including a specific 100th Birthday Poem 

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