Jon Bratton's

Young People Verses Poems

but, first...

I've been writing verses
For 60 years...phew!
And d'yer know why I did it?
T'was especially for you

Jon Bratton

Young People verses poems quotes
An elephant lumbers like a grey fat cat,
That's awfully tall and oh so fat
Which has got no fingers, and got no toes,
But has an enormous big hose nose
In fact
It's not at all like a grey fat cat
It's much more like a mammoth-sized long-nosed digit-less wing-less bat


To all the animals waiting
At the gang plank of the Ark
Noah said "Load up alphabetically
Starting with aardvark"

The adder was very happy
The antelope said "good call"
But the yak and the zebra
Just weren't happy at all

"OK", said Noah "lets start with the ones with the fewest legs"
A centipede said "that's absurd"
"Well what a good idea"
Said a stork to another bird

So all the birds prepared to load
Filing in two by two
"I must be first " came the shout
Of a little kangaroo

"Wait your turn" said the birds
"You've got two legs just like us
Try to be patient
Stop making all this fuss"

It took a while for the little joey
To emerge from the bunch
It's not easy to hop when one of your legs
Was once a crocodile's lunch

It should be us, but we'll just swim
Said two humpback whales
"We must be first" said two french frogs
Assisted by two snails

All at once the heavens opened
Heavy rain came falling down
Noah said "Let's start with the smallest
Or they will surely drown

"Yippee" said the flea
"Aye, aye" said the fly
"Bah poey" was the call
Of both hippopotami

How long it took, we'll never know
But one thing's for sure
Noah spent the 40 days and nights
Shovelling manure

Jon Bratton © 2008

Young People Verses Poems

Another Childrens Animal poem (funny)

On yonder hill, there stood a coo
It must hae gone because it's no there noo !
William Topaz McGonagall or was it Spike Milligan

Young People Verses Poems

Childrens Animal poem (silly)

The elephant is a bonny bird,
It flits from bough to bough.
It makes its nest in a rhubarb tree,
And whistles like a cow.

Young People Verses Poems

more young people verses poems

Childrens Animal poems (sad)

Algy met a bear.
The bear met Algy.
The bear was bulgy.
The bulge was Algy.


Childrens Animal poem (funny)

The Lion is fierce
His teeth can pierce
The skin of a postman's knee;
But it serves him right,
That, because of his bite,
He gets no letters, you see.

Spike Milligan

Young People Verses Poems

'There are people,' said Uncle,
'Who bumble like bees.'
'There are people,' said Uncle,
'With back to front knees.'
'There are people,' said Uncle,
'Who breathe through one ear.'
'There are people,' said Aunt,
'Who shouldn't drink beer.'

Richard Edwards © 1987


A crab, I’m told, will not bite,
Or poison you just for spite;
Won’t lie in wait beneath a stone,
Until one morning, out alone,
You poke a finger, like a fool,
Into an innocent looking pool.

Won’t grab your hand
And drag you off across the sand,
Down into the bottom of the sea
To eat you dressed for Sunday tea.
A crab, I’m told, is a bundle of fun;
With claws like that, pull the other one.

Roger McGough

Young People Verses Poems

Big Pee Wee sat on the settee 
'I'm a fatty balatty,' said he 
'Who else could be so uncomfortable?'
The settee groaned, 'Why, me! '

Young People Verses Poems

Always eat your (bogies)(boogers),
don't wipe them on your clothes,
just gulp them down in one
as you pick them from your nose

For they're full of crunchy goodness,
they're best when green and long,
so always eat your bogies
and you'll grow up big and strong.

Andrew Collett © 2001

Electric knickers
are the craze
you can keep them on
for days and days

Turn them up
nice and slow
and watch your bottom
start to glow

Plug them in
on the hour
to give your bottom 
extra power

So come on people
it's time for electric

Andrew Collett © 2001 
One of the Potty Poets 

Here's a small sample of another reprobate rhymester, a Potty Poet, author of, amongst other books, Parents, Zits and Hairy Bits. Americans if you don't know strange Brit words use Google, something your forefathers couldn't do while trying to get to grips with another Brit, Will Shakespeare

Psst, I'm in here
I'm hiding from my mum
Because it's only a matter of time
Before she finds out what I've done

I have to keep my voice down
In case she might hear
The thought of her finding me
Fills me with fear

It was an accident you see
Oh why do these things always happen to me?
Aaaargh!! Oh no, she's seen it
There's no mistaking that
She's seen the fridge door
Where I've super-glued the cat

Gez Walsh © 1997

Young People Verses Poems

I was inspired (or was I lead astray?) to write a potty poem and here is the first of what could have become a new career had not the cow pat poets already filled the vile bile file.

Have you noticed
Your tummy button collects fluff
And it's not the only place
That gathers stuff

There's no morning surprise
To find bits in your eyes
But it's better stuff in your see-ers
Than what's in your ears

There's funny bits
Between your toes
And I'd rather snot mention
What's found up your nose

Your throat collects phlegm (flem)
That causes you to gob
But for toes, eyes, ears, nose and throat
Tissues do the job

Your teeth collects food bits
And for that you need a brush
But not the same brush
As you need for your tush

Now it, of course,
Has the worst job to do
So I've invented a brush
For left over poo

So, go buy my tush brush
Without delay
Because regular brushing
Prevents bum decay

You have to have one
To look after yourself
They're in all good stores
On the bottom shelf

Jon Bratton © 2012

Young People Verses Poems

An apple pie,
When it looks nice,
Would make
one long
To have a slice;
But if the taste
Should prove so, too,
I fear one slice
Would scarcely do.
So, to prevent
My asking twice,
Pray, Mamma,
Cut a large slice!


As I was going to St Ives
I met a man with seven wives
And every wife had seven sacks
And every sack had seven cats
And every cat had seven kits
Kits, cats, sacks, wives
How many were going to St Ives?

Young People Verses Poems

As I was sitting in my chair,
I knew the bottom wasn't there,
Nor legs nor back, but I just sat,
Ignoring little things like that


As I was walking down the stair 
I met a man who wasn't there
He wasn't there again today 
Oh I wish that he'd go away!


As I was going to sell my eggs
I met a man with bandy legs,
Bandy legs and crooked toes;
I tripped up his heels, and he fell on his nose.

Young People Verses Poems

As I was going by Charing Cross,
I saw a black man upon a black horse.
They told me it was King Charles the First
Oh dear, my heart was ready to burst 


As I was walking down the lake,
I met a little Rattlesnake;
I gave him so much jelly-cake,
It made his little belly ache.

Young People Verses Poems

A candle, a candle
To light me to bed
A pillow, a pillow
To tuck up my head
The moon is as sleepy as sleepy can be
The stars are all pointing their fingers at me
And Missus Hop-Robin, way up in her nest
Is rocking her tired little babies to rest
So give me a blanket
To tuck up my toes
And a little soft pillow
To snuggle my nose

Young People Verses Poems

This page is toy box full
Of rhymes, poems and jokes,
It has but one purpose
Much fun for little folks

Keep a poem in your pocket
And a picture in your head 
And you'll never feel lonely 
At night when you're in bed.

The little poem will sing to you,
The little picture bring to you
A dozen dreams to dance to you 
At night when you're in bed.

So, keep a picture in your pocket
And a poem in your head 
And you'll never be lonely 
At night when you're in bed.

Beatrice Schenk de Regniers

Young People Verses Poems

A wise old owl lived in an oak
The more he saw the less he spoke
The less he spoke the more he heard.
Why can't we all be like that wise old bird?


 Young People Verses Poems

Mailman Pat, Mailman Pat
Mailman Pat and his black and white cat
All the birds are singing
The day is just beginning
Pat feels that he's a really happy man

Postman Pat, Postman Pat
Postman Pat ran over his cat
Blood and guts went flying
Postman Pat was crying
"I've never seen a cat as flat as that"

Young People Verses Poems

Pussy-cat, pussy-cat,
where have you been?
"I've been to London
to see the Queen."

Pussy-cat, pussy-cat,
what did you do there?

"I frightened a little mouse
under the chair."

Young People Verses Poems

Pussy, where have you been today?
In the meadows, asleep in the hay.
Pussy, you are a lazy cat,
If you have done no more than that.


Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble,
how those geese and ganders squabble!
Cluck, cluck, quack, quack, quack,
ducks and chickens answer back.
Woof, woof, bark, bark, bark,
puppies romp around and lark.
Moo go the cows, and bull goes moo,
oh what a hull-a-ba, hull-aba-loo.
The horse cries neigh and the sheep goes baa-a-a,
squeak goes the trailer on the farmers car.
the piglets are squealing, grunt, grunt goes the sow.
"miaow," wails black pussy,
"miaow," what a row,
there's such a commotion, how can a cat sleep?
With the noise of the dogs and the cows and the sheep
and the hens and the ducks
and the ganders and geese.
And the squeak of the trailer that's needing some grease,
with the moo of the bull and the neigh of the horse
and the shrieking of the piglets to make matters worse.
But - it's no use complaining, for nobody hears,
so I'll hide in the loft and stuff hay in my ears.
Up there, warm and cosy in my coat of fur,
I'll practise my solo, "miaow, purr, purr, purr."

Young People Verses Poems

The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea
In a beautiful pea-green boat,
They took some honey, and plenty of money,
Wrapped up in a five-pound note.
The Owl looked up to the stars above,
And sang to a small guitar,
'O lovely Pussy! O Pussy, my love,
What a beautiful Pussy you are,
You are,
You are!
What a beautiful Pussy you are!'

Pussy said to the Owl, 'You elegant fowl!
How charmingly sweet you sing!
O let us be married! too long we have tarried:
But what shall we do for a ring?'
They sailed away, for a year and a day,
To the land where the Bong-Tree grows
And there in a wood a Piggy-wig stood
With a ring at the end of his nose,
His nose,
His nose,
With a ring at the end of his nose.

'Dear Pig, are you willing to sell for one shilling
Your ring?' Said the Piggy, 'I will.'
So they took it away, and were married next day
By the Turkey who lives on the hill.
They dined on mince, and slices of quince,
Which they ate with a runcible spoon;
And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand, They danced by the light of the moon,
The moon,
The moon,
They danced by the light of the moon

Edward Lear

 Young People Verses Poems

Cat Poem

It seems that I've reached Heaven,
or it's doorstep at any rate,
and been winding round St. Peter's ankles
by the Pearly Gates,
I've plucked the angels' harp strings
and made a merry sound,
But it's plucking at my heartstrings
that you are not around.

So I think I'll sit and wait here,
just outside the door,
And as the souls come floating in,
I'll tap them with my paw,
And when you seek admittance,
they'll rename this place -
It will become Purradise,
and these the Purry Gates!


Ding dong bell!
Pussy's in the well!
Who put her in?
Little Tommy Lin.
Who pulled her out?
Little Tommy Stout.
What a naughty boy was that
To drown poor pussy cat,
Who never did any harm,
But killed all the mice in father's barn.

Young People Verses Poems

When I sit alone in my evening chair,
I stroke my cat's fur
I like to know she is there
and to hear her purr.
Of course, you could not care for me
Like that!
I cannot purr as flatteringly
as a cat.


A dog and a cat went out together,
To see some friends just out of town;
Said the cat to the dog,
"What d'ye think of the weather?"
"I think, Ma'am, the rain will come down."

"But don't be alarmed,
For I've an umbrella
That will shelter us both,"
Said this amiable fellah.

Young People Verses Poems

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Young People Verses Poems

Here's another in the Young People Verses Poems Poems for Kids collection

Young People Verses Poems-Poems About Kids

"I never head butted your bottom"
"How can you say that? You did.
How long have you been acting like a goat?

"Ever since I was a kid"

Jon Bratton © 2010


I wish I was a glow worm, 
A glow worm's never glum. 
Cos how can you be grumpy 
When the sun shines out your bum?


For and about a new teenager

Start being very awkward
Refuse to eat your greens
Turn your room into a trash pile (Council Tip)
It's the law, you've reached your teens

Throw several tantrums daily
Become a right stroppy toad
You've got no choice you must obey
The Teenage Behaviour Code

It's said you'll get all grumpy
And spend too long in bed
Say "it's not fair" an awful lot
In your teenage years ahead

But these can be exciting times
Energetic, full of beans
Don't rush to be an adult
Take your time, enjoy your teens

A very happy 13th birthday

Jon Bratton © 2007


Young People Verses Poems-Poems About Kids

Little Johnny lived in the country
So dinner guests were few
When, one day, some did arrive
He knew just what to do

He brought in the first piece of pie
He was just little, and doing his best
He handed it to his Dad
Who passed it to a guest

Johnny came in again
And put another pie piece down
Dad picked it up
And passed it to Mrs Brown

Johnny got vexed
There were tears in his eyes
He said "You're wasting your time Dad
They're all the same size!"

Jon Bratton © 2007


I already had an aardvark and an octopus
So you can imagine the almighty fuss
When I took home a hippopotamus
When I did it again next day, me Dad just cusses
"Two bloomin' hippopotamuses
They're as big as double decker buses"
"Actually", says I, "it's better to say hippopotami
Though never double decker bi
Don't ask me why"...but he did ask me why
"Grammar" was my reply
"Me Mother," he said "that's just absurd"
He must have misheard
Talking of Grandma, she wasn't happy at me getting a new pet
"I haven't finished the gloves for your octopus yet"
She declares
"I've only knitted 4 pairs
(She wanted spares)
And what's more, I'm knitting bootees for your Aunt
Well, not for her, for her ele phant
It's all such a palaver
That aardvark'll wait ages for his balaclava
I'm 82, me lad, and not a fast knitter
And I don't want to sound bitter
But keeping 5 large creatures in a bedsitter..
..Is not very mature
Considering the manure"

Jon Bratton © 2005


Young People Verses Poems-Poems for Kids

Next time you're on a train
Notice how long and skinny they are
They're not much wider
Than your Daddy's car

You have to use a calendar
Because trains are thin
If you don't book a seat
They'll just not let you in

The Romans gave us our calendar
Which is very handy, coz
Without dates, you wouldn't know
When your birthday was

If you look out the train window
You might see tall arches over deep valleys
That's a Roman invented aqueduct
It's water that it carries

And if you're ill through overcrowding
Because the trains are thin
Say thanks to the Romans
For they brought us medicine

And the train will be safe from robbers
(Coz they're now all running banks)
For our system of law and order
The Romans deserve our thanks

If you're traveling in the Winter
You'll be cozy on the train
Because of the central heating
We can thank those Romans again

If you're traveling in the Summer
Thank the Romans for this too
For without the baths they invented
We'd all be Stinky Poo

If from the window, you see cars
And trucks with heavy loads
They'll be traveling fast and straight
Along what once were Roman roads

And in giving thanks to the Romans
Gratitude is what we say
Why, even that word is Roman
As are many, we speak today

And do you know why trains are skinny
Why they're not very fat
Well, we can blame the Romans..yes blame
We can blame them for that

Trains were made thin
To match the tramways in the street
They kept them the same width
To keep everything neat

The tramlines were that size
Because of the covered wagons before
They already had the manufacturing jigs
And they didn't want to make more

The wagons were that size
To match the ruts in the roads
Caused by the Romans with their chariots
Carrying heavy loads

The chariots were that size
Not very wide
To attach the shafts to two horses
Running side by side

The Romans should have used animals
Like an elephant or hippo or bull
If they'd had much bigger bottoms
Our trains wouldn't get so full

So next time your train arrives
And it's already full when it comes
Say loudly "All right... the Romans give us sanitation, roads, aqueducts,blah..blah...
But they should have used animals... ...with much bigger bums

Jon Bratton © 2009

Young People Verses Poems

This poem, altered slightly for a younger age group, can be found here, with a host more poems for kids on the theme
History for Kids 


Young People Verses Poems-School Poems Kids

Sometimes my homework is small
Sometimes my homework is long
But whenever I do my homework
My homework is always wrong

Sometimes I do my homework at a slow pace
Sometimes I do my homework in the fast lane
But however I do my homework
my homework is still a pain

Sometimes my homework is easy
Sometimes my homework is hard
But whenever I can’t do my homework
I feel just like a retard

Young People Verses Poems

Today I hurry off to school, 
To work and learn and play 
I'm in a brand new grade this year. 
What a happy day!

Young People Verses Poems-School Poems Kids

A is for the Antelope always on view
Which Algernon saw,
When he went to the zoo.

B was the bear that came up at a run
When Benjamin threw him
A very nice bun.

C is for the camel "Poor thing, what a lump"
Was what Caroline said
When she looked at his hump.

D is for the deer with the soft pretty eyes;
Doris found them so tame
She had quite a surprise.

E was the elephant sixpence a ride 
But Eric soon found that
You can't sit astride!

F was the fox very crafty and sly,
Watching Frank from his den
With a cunning old eye.

G is the giraffe which made Geraldine smile;
She was sure with his neck,
He could see quite a mile.

H was the hippo asleep in his pool,
Harry thought it an excellent
way to keep cool.

I was the Ibex, a kind of wild goat.
Ida thought his horns nasty,
But liked his fine coat.

J was the Jaguar like a big cat,
But Jane didn't think
She would like him to pat!

K was the kangaroo off with a bound;
A fine way , thought Ken,
To get over the ground.

L is for the lions; they made such a fierce noise
Laura wished she was safety
At home with the boys.

M is For the monkeys, all patter and chatter,
But Miles couldn't tell
What on earth was the matter.

N is for the Nilgai which jumped off a rock;
He took such a leap that
Nell had quite a shock.

O is for the ostrich, a wise-looking bird,
But Olga remembered
The tales she had heard.

P is for the parrot that had lots to say,
and tried to peck Paul,
As he passed by that way.

Q is for the Quagga which Quentin found tame;
He is quite like a Zebra,
with stripes and a mane.

R is the Rhino, a fierce-looking beast;
Rosie watched him with awe
In the midst of a feast.

S is the snake which Suzanne found asleep;
He was shiny and slimy
and made her flesh creep.

T is for the Tiger that gave Tim a fright;
He was horribly scared
Lest they got out at night.

For U (That's the Unicorn) nobody looks;
As Una can tell you,
He's only in books.

V is for the Vulture, a big bird of prey,
Veronica saw him
and soon ran away!

W is for the Wolf lying flat on the ground,
Though when Walter came near 
He was up with a bound.

X just looks on and has nothing to do,
There's no creature that claims him
Through-out the whole Zoo.

Y is the Yak, he's worthy of note;
Yvonne was amazed
at his long shaggy coat.

Z is for the Zebra that kept Zoe busy,
She counted his stripes
till she felt she was dizzy.

Young People Verses Poems-School Poems Kids

What do you called a reindeer without antlers
That's a horse
What do you call a sheep with no legs
A cloud, of course
What do you call a bald teddy
Fred Bear
Where does a huge angry gorilla sit

Jon Bratton © 2011

Young People Verses Poems

Let's eat Granddad
Said Johnny, picking up his knife

Let's eat, Granddad
Why thank you comma, you've just saved an old man's life

Jon Bratton © 2011


What object is king of the classroom
The ruler, it seems
What holds the sun up in the sky
Oh, that's sunbeams
How does the barber cut the moon's hair
E-clipse the stuff
What did you learn in school today
As you're going again tomorrow, 'Not enough!'

Jon Bratton © 2011


Beware of heard, a dreadful word
That looks like beard and sounds like bird.
And dead: it's said like bed, not bead;
For goodness' sake, don't call it deed!
Watch out for meat and great and threat.
(They rhyme with suite and straight and debt.)
A moth is not a moth in mother,
Nor both in bother, broth in brother. 

The pronunciation and spelling of many a word
Is often very silly, and quite absurd
Someone should have brought this to a halt
It's clearly Noah Webster 's fault 

Childrens Dancing Poem
Christmas Poems for Kids
Children Halloween Poems for Kids
Kids Thankgiving Poems

Older Children

Young People verses poems quotes
Poetry Verse 

A man goes into a fruit and veg store
"I'll have two apples, an orange, oh and a wasp, by jingo"
The shop keeper said "But sir, we don't sell wasps"
"Really?" the man said "But, you've got some in the window!"

Jon Bratton © 2010

Young People Verses Poems

Continued from a poem at the early part of this page

Go buy my tush brush
Without delay
Because regular brushing
Prevents bum decay

You have to have one
To look after yourself
They're in all good stores
On the bottom shelf

And for really bad klingons
Here's a winnet sufferer's boon
Anti-dangleberry Fanny Floss
In the shops soon

Jon Bratton © 2012


Those who know me well will understand why I wrote this Cat on the Roof poem because I have been telling the joke, on which it is based, for the past 30 years.

A man just loved his cat
So he never went away
When his brother offered to care for the cat
He set off on holiday

On the first night he phoned up
“How’s my cat” he said
His brother just told him straight
“Bro, your cat is dead”

The man was appalled and yelled
You could have told me more gently than that
His brother said “ What was I supposed to say?
Face it bro, Tiddles is an ex cat!”

You could have told me that Tiddles
Was on the roof ...but OK
And tomorrow you could tell me
He’ll probably come down today

The following time I rang
You could say he’s not looking well
Then next time you could say
Poor Tiddles fell

Then next when I enquired
As I would the very next day
“He’s at the vet, feeling poorly”
With compassion, you could say

Then the next day that I called
“Sorry” you could say
“ Your lovely little Tiddles
Has sadly passed away”

“I didn’t think’ said his brother
Frankly, being a bit aloof
His brother said “Anyway, how’s our mother?”
“Oh” he said “she’s on the roof”

Jon Bratton © 2011
(based on a joke by person unknown)

Young People Verses Poems

We've all missed our "Cheeky Monkey"
Now you're back we're very glad
Hope you had a smashin' time
At Christmas with your Dad

As a medal winning swimmer
Who's only 9 years old
You must have loved it in Australia
Cos the water's not so cold

You love the Spice Girls and that other lot
Who play the football game
Silly Narners just prancing about
And Sunderland's just the same

For your arrival back in Anytown
All us Mackems couldn't wait
Welcome home young Kylie
And good luck in '98

Young Persons verses poems quotes
Poetry Verse 

Hope you had a Merry Christmas
And were kept well on the go
But you wouldn't do much skiing there
Oz doesn't have much snow

You've grown up oh so quickly
You've quit playing with your toys
You now prefer much cuddlier things 
Like the dishy Back Street Boys

You love the lads in Red and White
And bowling is your game
The pins are always falling down
And Sunderland's just the same

Welcome home we've missed you
There's been tears and lots of sobbin'
Cos Christmas isn't Christmas
Without a little Robyn

Young People verses poems quotes
Poetry Verse 

Barry Gorman- Exhibition Man
Let's give credit where credit's due
Even if sloshed and can hardly stand
You're still magic with your 'cue'

As the Boldon Player of the Year
You perfected your cue action flow
To make room for your pool table 
Our living room had to go

You play football on your computer
When you've got time to waste
And you're known to visit Roker Park
Well...some folks have no taste

Even our Lois thinks you're a nice bloke
Except when you have a moan
But to me you are my everything
Lots of love from Joan

Young Persons verses poems quotes
Poetry Verse 

To my lovely daughter (Susie)
I just have this to say
Have a very happy birthday
On this your special day

Oftimes you drive me crazy
It's like living in a zoo
You're a lazy, untidy so and so
....despite your new found teenage-itis

Happy 13th Birthday
Lot’s of Love From Mom


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Poetry Verse #5 

Ode to (Name)

Your bedroom is a rubbish tip
In clutter it's knee deep
You're always in your "Jamas"
Cos you're never far from sleep

Your lethargy is catching
As Aunt Jane has testified
Thanks to you, her hanging basket plants
Just gave up the ghost...and died

With your media qualification
TV has a welcoming door
But not the Beeb or Sky TV
You were made for Channel Snore

Your total lack of energy
Would put a sloth to shame
But I wouldn't swap you for the world
Cos I love you just the same

Lots of love from Mam

Young People Verses Poems

This is a funny birthday poem verses tribute to a daughter from parents and brother

Ode to Sarah

You're bright, a straight A's student
Academically you know what to do
But if sat an exam in Room Tidying
You'd get an 'N' or 'U'

Your first choice of university
Is Newcastle, you'll not fail
You've worked hard and you've even practiced
Suppin' their famed Brown Ale

Strawberry blond and brainy
A combination that's ideal
This is just to say we're proud of you
From Mam, Dad and Neil

Jon Bratton © 1995

©V4C Young People Poems Verses Rhymes

This is a funny birthday tribute in personalised poem verses form to a sailor son from a mother

Ode to Jimmy

From the "Raleigh" to the "London"
You've served on several ships
How do they float with what you eat?
Almost anything with chips

You must have sober moments
Perhaps when you set sail
But once ashore you like to sup
Vast quantities of ale

I'm glad that you don't steer the ship
Cos I remember when
You walked a hundred miles to Washington
Instead of less than ten

Though you're a narky newted nuisance
Who never writes to me
I love you and I miss you
When you're away at sea

Lots of love Mam

Jon Bratton © 1995

Birthday poem verses


Jimmy Briggs- Big Bloke
Speeding in your car
Watching footy on a Saturday
Then drinking at the bar

Messing up the bathroom sink
You can't be called house proud
You're obsessed with racing bikes and cars
And music far too loud

As a man behaving badly
You really play the part
But for all your macho image
You're just a kid at heart

You gave up playing Barbie dolls
Just a short while ago
Now it's gadgets and gizmos
And a mobile phone for show

You're a blokish lad who's very vain
You go thro' life like it's a game
You're a waste of space and such a pain
...But I love you, all the same

Jon Bratton © 1995


Young People Poems Verses Rhymes

Gary Nixon- Action Man
Your idea of heaven
Is a great big fry up breakfast
And a film of OO7

You're an expert in logistics
That's so very clear
You move piles of dirty washing
From Oxford up to here

It's odd that table polishing
Always puts you in a huff
Yet off you go to Bosnia
Dodging bombs and stuff

You're a fanatic brusher of your teeth
Of that there is no doubt
But why bother? A Sunderland supporter
Has nowt to smile about

I know I've been insulting
But take it all in fun
I miss you and I love you
Merry Christmas, Son

Lots of love etc

Jon Bratton © 1995


Young People Poems Verses Rhymes

SPECIAL LULLABY (for very young children)

(to the tune of Edelweiss)

Close your eyes, close your eyes
You'll get a nice sur-prise
You won't have long to wait
Until you reach the wooden gate
That leads into the garden
The Garden of All Dreams
No, you won't have long to wait
Until you have your dreams

In the Garden of All Dreams
There's lots of girls and boys
And you can play and share with them
All your cuddly toys
In the Garden of All Dreams
You'll have a lovely time
For you can play with all your friends
From the Nursery Rhyme
Look there's little Jack and Jill
And Humpty Dumpty too
And Mary with her litle lamb
And Little Boy Blue

In the Garden of All Dreams
There's lollipops on trees
And animals and little birds
Playing in the breeze
In the Garden of All Dreams
You can watch the flowers grow
With silver bells and cockle shells
And pretty maids in a row

Close your eyes, close your eyes
You'll get a nice sur-prise
You won't have long to wait
Until you reach the wooden gate
That leads into the garden
The Garden of All Dreams
No, you won't have long to wait have.....your dreams

Jon Bratton © 1977
Dedicated to Gary and Lesley


Young People Poems Verses Rhymes Young People Poems Verses Rhymes

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