Jon Bratton's

Free Best Man Speech

but, first...

I've been writing verses
For 60 years...phew!
And d'yer know why I did it?
T'was especially for you

Jon Bratton

Free Best Man Speech

Sober, clean and entertaining
Is what the Best Man/Father of the Bride speech should be
But if that's what you really wanted
Then you really shouldn't have picked me


This speech has been drastically cut
Because of (Bride's name)'s 'Forbidden to Say' Law
Most of me very best bits
Are now on the cutting room floor


As Best Man / Father of the Bride I've already given (Groom's Name) some words of wisdom. I said

(Groom's Name), you'll never be happier than this
Of that I have no doubt
Fitting words, I think, for the occasion
He was just leaving for his stag night out


Perhaps, after talking about little girls wanting to be a Fairy Tale Princess marrying her Prince and (Bride's Name) was no exception, say

(Bride's Name) once put her dress over her head
To be like a veil, very sheik
I can still see it clearly, in my mind's eye
It was in the pub.... just last week


Perhaps include a potted history from when the couple first met until the wedding. When I did it I presented the poem together with a caricature as a framed gift

free best man speech

This page provides material to be used in a wedding speech by the best man but also suitable for the father of the bride or even the groom. This material is copyright Jon Bratton but you are free to use it for non commercial purposes 

There are lots of specimen speeches available on the internet but what I provide here is a number of rhyming four liners to be sprinkled into the speech. It is an opportunity to read actual material as against speaking on a 'wing it' basis. These have been tested in a speech I made and they were well received. By using actual names, the verses will seem to have been written on a personal basis 


In her mid twenties and still unattached
(Bride's Name) was leaving it late
Then her path crossed with (Groom's Name)'s
Lets just call that fate

With her from (the North) and him from (the South)
They spent their courting days
In the car, traveling up and down
(England's) motorways

Then on (Wedding Date)
Family and friends from far and wide
Gathered in/at (Wedding Venue)
To see (Groom's Name) wed his bride

(Bride's Name) was up with the larks
Cos to look this good takes a while
She stood at the (altar) (front) as Miss (Maiden Name)
She was Mrs (Married Name) walking back up the aisle

So that's the end of the story
Or could there be a surprise?
How long before there's a twinkle
In Mrs (Married Name)'s eyes

** Free Best Man Speech **

Reading that poem give me a lump in my throat
I get emotional after a few beers
And I've seen some of you with watery eyes
Ah and look, even the cake is in tiers


Alternative 'walking down aisle' verse

She walked down the aisle Miss (Maiden Name)
With an old fella who needs a Zimmer
She walked back up as Mrs (Married Name)
With a younger model, and considerably slimmer


So here we are, at the end

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls
And everyone else in the room
Please join me in the traditional toast
I give you.....the Bride and Groom

Jon Bratton 2009
This Free Best Man Speech material may be used by individuals for non commercial purposes but not by website publishers or for any commercial purpose 

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