Jon Bratton's

Age Birthday Poems

but, first...

I've been writing verses
For 60 years...phew!
And d'yer know why I did it?
T'was especially for you

Jon Bratton

Here's an example of young age birthday poems entitled
2nd Birthday Poem
Not Terrible Twos 
by Margaret Beard (Oldham, Lancs, UK) 

For my Great-Grandson Thomas, though people say he has hit the 'Terrible Two's' I can't see it! 

Today you are two and changing each day

More fun to chat with and more fun to play

You run around laughing and say funny things

Not knowing the fun your being here brings!

You spread such joy to the whole family

As we watch you change on your way to being three!

This page brings you age specific poems which are the special landmark ages such as the 30th, 40th, 50th age milestones as well as the younger milestones such as the 13th, marking the becoming of a teenager or the sweet 16 stage...usually for the girls and 18th/21st coming of age landmark.

Also here are poems covering all the specific ages of 31 through 69

13th Birthday Poems

This Age Birthday Poems submission entitled
Becoming a Teenager
is from Jennifer Davis 
(Dudley, W'mids, UK)

Hi! I'm Jenny.
I wrote this for my niece who's turning 13, to put in my mums card to send to her granddaughter. Haven't made the card yet. Not due till December.

You're officially a Teenager

The years I can't hold back

Today you turn 13

You're growing up so fast

Another of the Age Birthday Poems I wrote is for my mums cards entitled
13 today!

What happened to your yesterdays

When you were once young?

Today I see a teenager.

Where have the years all gone?


This Age Birthday Poems submission is entitled
Becoming A Teenager Poem
by Vilma Neale 
(Maidstone, Kent)

I sent this to my Granddaughter 2 years ago. I cannot remember where I found it but I am looking on your site today for another similar poem as I have 2 other Granddaughters who will be 13 next month and I would have liked to send a different verse to them if possible.

13 Wishes

To help you celebrate your special day

Thirteen wishes are sent your way

A little girl no longer seen

Wishes of love as you become a teen.


This next Age Birthday Poems contribution
is by Dale Pendexter 

(Concord NH USA)


Written for Julia Michelle Kirk

My Love, My Life, My Granddaughter

Happy Thirteenth Birthday ,
I Love You,


It was only yesterday when you arrived, 

a little bundle we all could love,

It was only yesterday when I rocked you to sleep,
the love I felt way down deep,

It was only yesterday when I taught you to swim,
mowing the yard and bonding within,

It was only yesterday When I gave you my heart,

A Papa’s love that would never part,

It was only yesterday when I finally knew,

you had grown up and the years had flew,

It was only yesterday you were my little girl,
today you are a teenager entering our world,

It was only yesterday when your hugs I could borrow,

but the best part begins tomorrow!

The best of your life has yet to begin, 

and as your grow older you’ll look within,

And one day as you sit with your children

you’ll look down as you watch them play,

And you’ll think back to this day and say………

It was only yesterday !!!!

Very nice...thank you


Here's a 13th birthday poem from me, with a different slant, to add to this Age Birthday poems collection

Happy 13th Birthday (Jack)

Today, you've become a teen

You've emerged from your childhood

And joined the Teenage scene

These can be difficult times

It's no time for making jokes

So perhaps you'll pass on my sympathies

To your very frightened folks

Who will know what is coming

Ever empty refrigerator shelves

Tattoo requests and tantrums

They were teenagers once, themselves

So from today try very hard 

To see what your folks are seeing

And with any luck you'll again emerge

As a normal human being

I am of course joking

I'm sure you'll be very good

On your next growing up journey

From child to adulthood

Jon Bratton 2012

That's all the 13th Birthday Poems for now, but please, you budding poets, feel free to contribute. 

more age birthday poems

Sweet 16th Birthday Poem

This Age Birthday Poems

 submission is from

Reaching 16 is a milestone, 
a happy point in life. 

You've set your personality 
and your tolerance for strife.
By now you know right from wrong 
and how to influence friends. 

It’s time to look down the road 
at forks and around the bends. 

The road ahead is wonderful, 
some choices will be clear. 

Your path depends on bravery 
to push aside the fear. 

When you chose this way or that, 
slow choices or if snappy,

Make the choices best for you, 
the ones that make you happy. 

Comment by Webmaster: This is a classic example of what we're after. Thanks muchly

. This poem also here
Sweet 16 Birthday Poems
along with a whole bunch more

18th Birthday Poems

This Age Birthday Poems example relating to an eighteeth birthday comes from
Wendy Mewse

(London England )

Hi. I wrote this for my son's 18th birthday

Happy Eighteenth Birthday, Scott

Because you mean so much to us we celebrate your birth,

Sharing time and space with you

Is like gold and all it's worth

Our hearts fill with so much joy

When we see how we raised such a wonderful boy

We cherish all the memories of the passing years

We'll always be right here for you to wipe away your tears

You're now Eighteen and we have seen our boy become a man

And we love you in the way that only parents can 

All our love forever,

Mum and Dad


Coming of age is 18th or 21st depending on which part of the English speaking World you're in. For more such material on another page of this website click the following link
21st Birthday Poems, including 18th

40th Birthday Poems

Continuing with Age Birthday Poems contributions by site visitors, this
40th Birthday Poem
is by cutencrafty 
(Dundee, Scotland)

Love and hugs and a big sloppy kiss

You got me good when it was mine

And I have waited all this time

My picture you hung upon the walls

People were laughing and having a ball

Well look outside and you will see

A great big poster especially from me

Remember the time your hair went green

A greater sight I have not seen

There's more to see at mums tonight

Lets hope the neighbours don't get a fright

I cannot wait to see your face

Plastered all over the place


Yet another Age Birthday Poems contribution is this
Feeling Your Age
poem by SUE 

A Little Ditty I Put Together For A Mate's 40th.

40 They Say Is Where Life Begins

The 20s And 30s Have Wained

It Wont Be Long Before You Shout

"I Wish I Was 18 Again"

The Backside Starts To Sag And Droop

The Boobs Not As Firm As Before

The Thighs Expand, The Waist Doth Spread

And You Cant Touch Your Toes Any More

But Take Heart And Look Forward To NHS
False Teeth And Rickety Bones

The Migraines, Arthritis, Cystitis And Cramp

And Death Of Your Hormogenous Zones

The Onset Of Menopause Moods And Hot Flushes

Memory Loss, Incontinence, Decay

But Dont Dwell Too Long On The Problems Of Life

"Bugger It All
" And Have a Great Day" !!!

Comment by webmaster

As good a 'getting older' poem as I've seen in a long time. Keep' em comin' Sue

Age Birthday Poems continue with this
40th Birthday Poem for a Daughter
by Jan Jobson 
(Braintree, Essex)

It seems like yesterday you were a babe in my arms

With all your wonderful lovely charms

Now you're grown up and 40 today

There is only one thing to say

Happy 40th my wonderful daughter

From your mum, a thing I wouldn't alter

There's more 40th stuff on another page on this website so if you want to see more click this link
40th Birthday Poems

Poems on the Aging Process

Here's an Age Birthday Poems contribution called
Over the Hill Club
by a regular contributor to this website
Sandra Woolridge 

(Stoke on Trent England)

Today you are fifty that’s no big deal

People will say you are as old as you

Some will say you are over the hill

And maybe time to start taking the 

But these sort of things are not for

You’re full of life, fun and zest

And to many folk you're one of the

Thank you Sandra Woolridge 


This Age Birthday Poems gem is called
Aging Song - Male
by Kathy Holler 

(Edmonton, AB, Canada)

Sung to the tune of ‘My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean'

My body is starting to crumble

My belly is going to pot

My words come out as a mumble

If I were a horse I’d be shot


Bring back, bring back,

Oh bring back my youth to me, to me

Bring back, Oh bring back

Don’t leave me in misery

My brain cells have left on vacation

My forehead is getting too high

My hair ends up in the basin

And the years just keep flying by

My biceps are starting to soften

And I guess that ain’t enough

‘Cause I’m grabbing my ankles too often

While the doctor is saying “please cough”

I shouldn’t get down in a blue mood

I shouldn’t be sad and distraught

My mind says I’m still a hot dude

Although my mirror says ‘not’.


This next Age Birthday Poems sample is another gem from
Kathy Holler

(Edmonton, AB, Canada)

This one is
Aging Song - Female

I've always written silly ditties and poems.

Also sung to the tune of "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean"

My body is falling to pieces

My eyesight is going to hell

My hair is turning much grayer

I don’t think I’m doing so well


Bring back, oh bring back

Bring back my youth to me, to me

Bring back, oh bring back

Don’t leave me in misery

I’ve noticed a whole lot of wrinkles

Where once none used to be

I’m sure that I’ve gotten much shorter

And my boobs will soon hit my knees

My brain cells are leaving in bunches

My body is starting to scream

I’m still hot but now it’s in flashes

Please tell me that this is a dream

I thought I would never get older

I’d always be young and so free

But the truth looks back from the mirror

Oh Lord, is that really me!


This Age Birthday Poems beauty is a
Sister Poem
by Maureen King 
(Lanarkshire, Scotland)

My sister you are dear to me

We talk a lot, we're friends, you see

You ring each day to say hello

This lifts me up when I feel low

We appreciate each other now

As to old age we take a bow

We're not as thin as we used to be 

It's a see food diet we're on, you see

Changes to our outer looks

Doesn't change what's in the book

So embrace it - enjoy it to the full

I know we're mad a couple of fools

This will keep us young I'm sure 

With passing years we must endure

For more family member poems click this link

Family Birthday Verses Poems Quotes


Here's a short example of Age Birthday Poems about
Growing Old
by Daisy 

Birthday Shmirthday

Why should I care?

Another year older

Another grey hair!


I've got a website called Wrinkinsults...wrinklies insulting fellow wrinklies and you're welcome to go see...but I've brought some of it here to you in form of a video of me reading the material. If you've got time have a look see

While on this subject here's another Youtube of me reading some of my 'getting old' material

Poems About Age
by Eva B 
As an 80+ year old woman I love poems about age..getting old

Here's some Age Birthday Poems I've come across you might like

A BWAG* Birthday Poem for All Ages 
by Mary Geis

Yes, the thirties are hectic, beautiful, fine,

And some choose to stop counting at thirty-nine.


They think that at age forty, their life is half over,

But, no! You’re just beginning to roll in the clover.

At forty you’re cooking with get up and go;

You’re stronger and smarter than most of us know;

And you’re younger and better the older you grow

Fit and feisty at fifty? It’s no big deal!

That’s how a half century is supposed to feel.


Your hormones are fading; you have a pain in the knee;

You hold the phone book at arm’s length in order to see;

You’re sure to be courted by AARP;


But the children are grown now, you’re fancy is free.

Fifties take stock, start making great plans,

Ignoring “You can’t”s, embracing “I can”s.

Swift and sexy at sixty? We hope that’s the case;

There’s a long way to go ‘til the end of the race;

Sure, problems are bound to pop up here and there;

Unwanted growth to remove; a joint to repair;

You deal with old skin, bad teeth, and gray hair.

But sixties can choose, to hike, travel, or ski;

To contribute, to study, to really look, really see.

So you’re seventy now, and ahead of the game;

(Beta BWAGs) nod in respect, when they mention your name.

You know that younger BWAGs, would not choose to be your age;

Perhaps you would, if you could, turn back to a younger page;


But face it girl, you’re an elder, a “Burlap BWAG” sage!

The seventies may slow you down, but look up the trail you climb,

And hope God, luck, and motivation, will slow down Mother Time.

Reaching eighty is a bit more weighty, risks come with added years;

The term “OLD old” adds a chill to the thrill, of parties with your peers.

You’re told to keep the old joints moving, the old mind active yet;

To look for new adventures, to give more than you get;

But each new year’s a gamble, and each birthday you win the bet!


And do old BWAGs fade away, as it’s said old soldiers do?

Not? Try shifting to a lower gear, and greet each birthday year anew.

Past eighty-five and still alive! We’re the OLD older generation;


We face the numbered years ahead with: possible attitudes listed below
 in mind that you can choose, and that choices can be positive (or negative).

Birthday Poems

1. Faith (doubt) and happy (worried) expectation.

2. Thanks (regrets) and cheerful (gloomy) resignation.

3. Hope (fear) and calm (grim) determination.

Healthy and active for our age, is often what we’re told,

If true, we think that we can thank, the BWAG way of growing old;

And younger BWAGs aging up, will further stretch that BWAG mold.

And yes, old BWAGs fade away, as all old folks seem to do;

We die too young, or we die too old;
not a happy thought, but true.

I thought I’d best not wait ‘til 90, to pen another BWAG birthday verse;


The old mind may get more scrambled; the old body’s ills get worse.


In the mind’s eye of memory, I navigate old BWAG trails;

I enjoy the seasons in the mountains, even as the body fails;

I laugh with old time BWAGs, and tell old BWAG tales.


I know my limits here on earth, but in my mind, they are the sky,

And when opportunity allows, I’ll give it the old BWAG try!


If I’m all here at ninety, and still think I’m cool and wise;

I’ll fill you in on old age, through a BWAG ninety’s eyes.

BWAGs (pronounced "bee wags") originated in 1968 in Christchurch, New Zealand. BWAGs stood for the Bishopdale Women's Activity Groups, and the purpose was for women to have fun and companionship and to learn new and interesting activities. Bozeman resident Margaret Emerson, who was living in Christchurch at the time, brought the idea back to Montana, and the Bozeman Women's Activity Groups began meeting in 1969.

There's a BWAG called Bushwalking and Activities Group


An Ode to Getting Old
by Pam Greenwood 
Here's my Age Birthday Poems contribution. Written for my friend who is the same age as me but suicidal at all the oncoming wrinkles and strange things that happen when one reaches middle age.

An Ode to getting "Ode"

by Pam Greenwood 2001

I'm sending you good tidings on this your Special Day.

I've reached this great don't sink in deep despair.

When your elastic stockings fail to work

and you need to iron your legs...

When your heavy duty tweezers break

and you need industrial strength...

When you have to plait the hairs on your chin

and pin them back with a slide...

When the tops of your arms turn to bat wings

and you swear you could almost fly...

I've finally found the answer amidst the "wails" and "cries"

We're not getting old, as previously thought

We're emerging as BUTTERFLIES.

Jon says "I do like this one"


Senior Moments, Brain Farts
by Jake 
(Texas USA)

I thought I'd submit this Age Birthday Poems item. It's a YouTube of Golf Brooks' very funny song as I noticed you didn't have it on your web site

Senior Moments

Golf Brooks

It starts out with a look

Of wonder written on my face

Followed by a fear of something

Being out of place

With searching eyes I look around

For something I can’t find

And I wonder just what it was

That ever crossed my mind

Senior moments, brain farts

I try hard to remember

But the process never starts

Yeah staring into space for me

Is usually how it starts

Senior moments brain farts

Well I was standing in the kitchen

I had opened up the fridge

And I stood there for the longest moment

Wondering why I did

I couldn’t think of one good reason

So I finally shut the door

And I wondered what I put in there

And did I want some more?

Senior moments, brain farts

I try hard to remember

But the process never starts

Yeah it could have been some ice cream

Or those blueberry tarts

Senior moments, brain farts

Well it happened at the Walmart store

I can’t remember where or when

But I stood there like a Zombie

Wondering why I just walked in

The Greeter said “Hello sir

What would you like to see?”

But I had a senior moment

And they tried to hire me

Senior moments, brain farts

I try hard to remember

But the process never starts

I guess I looked bewildered

Standing there among the carts

Senior moments, brain farts

So I told my doctor my short memory cells
were on the blink

And I ask him “ Could you fix them?”

He said “Maybe, let me think”

Then he asked me how long I had this problem
Was it old or new

I looked at him and said “What problem ?

And who are you?”

Senior moments, brain farts

I try hard to remember

But the process never starts

I get ‘em by the dozen, doc

Sometimes they re off the charts

Senior moments, brain farts

So I stopped in at the Pharmacy

To look for something new

To try to fix this memory thing

And my E.D. problem too

But I got my Rogain pills

And my Viagara

Mixed up back at home

I had hair growing in real thick

But Lord, it was way too stiff to comb

Senior moments, brain farts

I try hard to remember

But the process never starts

Yeah mixing up those medicines

Aint really very smart

Senior moments, brain farts

Thanks muchly...Jon

100th Birthday Poems

This 100th Birthday Poem is my Age Birthdays Poems entry
by Jackie Rainbow

(Bristol UK)

The Queen will send a card

To celebrate your century

But I hope that you will prefer

The card you get from me

Because it’s sent with love and joy

And a great big dollop of pride

For the woman who has seen such change

But has stayed the same inside.

Happy 100th Birthday


Another 100th Birthday Poem
by Jackie Rainbow

(Bristol, UK)

100 Years of Age Birthday Poems, appropriate for anyone. This is an Age Birthday Poems submission for my Great Uncle Jim.

What a celebration!

One Hundred Years Today!

Lots of ‘Life Experiences’

Have certainly come your way

And while you have been simply

Collecting stories just for you

You’ve also given memories

Which we can all share too.

You are thought of so very fondly

So it is a joy to be

Wishing you a Happy Birthday

On this, your Century

Jackie R

That's all the Age Birthday poems on this page but for the World's supply of age specific poems click this link

Age Birthday Poems

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