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I've been writing verses
For 60 years...phew!
And d'yer know why I did it?
T'was especially for you

Jon Bratton

Friend verses poems quotes

Welcome to our free online page on Verses .. Poems .. Sayings .. Quotes for and about Friends and Friendship

suitable for friends birthday, getting married, friends who have died / passed on, friends moving away, leaving work etc. These poems express friendship sentiments whatever the occasion but you will also find suitable poems in the Funeral,Birthday, Wedding, Leaving sections

With many of these verses the word " friend " could be changed to sister, daughter, mother, etc...

Friend Verses Poems Quotes-
Poetry Verse #1 

Sisters (Brothers) by chance 
Friends by choice 

© V4C

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. 
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead 
Walk beside me, and just be my friend.
a beautiful song by Dick Brice called Benjamin Thomas

© V4C

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

(Walter Winchell 1879-1972)

Friend Verses Poems Quotes-
Poetry Verse #4 

Angels lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble 
remembering how to fly
(Margaret) you've been an angel 
Such support, an aide, a crutch 
A friend, not just in fair weather but foul 
And I'm grateful ever so much 

Jon Bratton © 2007 
The first line of this poem is based on the quote "I Believe Friends are Quiet Angels who lift us to our Feet when our Wings have Trouble Remembering how to Fly." by Lorraine K. Mitchell

© V4C

Faithful, kind and always true
Reassuring through and through 
Insightful in your wise advice 
Enthusiastic, sweet and nice
Noted for your smiling face 
Dear friend, no one could take your place

© V4C

Friend Verses Poems Quotes-
Poetry Verse #6 

Oh the comfort,the inexpressible
Comfort of feeling safe with friends
Having neither to weigh
Thoughts, nor measured words,
But to pour them all out

Just as they are
Chaff and grain together
Knowing that a faithful hand
Will take and sift them,
Keeping what is worth keeping
and then with a breath of kindness
Blow the rest away

Submitted by Jane

© V4C

more friend verses poems quotes

What a lovely thing it is
To have a loyal friend
Someone who understands us
On whom we can depend
A friend who sees and knows
Our faults
And likes us anyway
And never seems to take offence
At anything we say
Who helps us through our troubles
Stands by us in our needs
Such friendship transcends
Barriers of colour race and creed
For friendship is a precious gift
And we should always treasure
The ones who share our grief
Our joy
Our heartache and our pleasure

Submitted by Jane

© V4C

Friend Verses Poems Quotes-
Poetry Verse #8 

Your birthday is a perfect time
To stop and reminisce
About the many hours we've spent
Discussing that and this-
The laughs, the smiles
That we have known
The wonderful things we've done
That make the friendship that we share
A very special one!

© V4C

You are my friend of friends, my confident, my closest companion. You are the one I turn to for comfort when my heart is heavy and the first one I run to when I have good news to share. Through seasons and years, you've grown nearer to my heart, and I want you always to know, my friend, how much I love you.

Happy Birthday

© V4C

We're not really sisters 
But we/re sisters of the heart 
And nothing shall ever
Tear our friendship apart 

They say that gems are priceless
And I guess that is true 
But our friendship is PRICELESS 
I can't imagine life without you.

© V4C

Friend Verses Poems Quotes-
Poetry Verse #11 

It's good to have friends 
Friends who care, 
Friends who you know 
Will always be there 
When you need them, 
And never complain, 
When you tell the same story 
Again and again.

© V4C

Friends you/we have known
Since you/we were quite small 
Friends who still like you/us 
Warts-an- all ! 
The memories you/we share 
Of times that are past 
Means friendship between you/us 
Will always last.

© V4C

Friend Verses Poems Quotes-
Poetry Verse #14 

Some of the happiest times of my life
Are times you and I spend together.
For deep in my heart I've considered you special- 
One of my dearest friends ever... 

Time after time I've enjoyed your nice company, 
Warmed by the closeness we share, 
And when there were days that I needed encouragement, 
I knew you'd always be there… 

Time and again I've been ever so grateful
For having a good friend like you- 
A friend for all times, to confide in, to count on, 
And treasure a whole lifetime through.

© V4C

You're a friend
For all times
If you planted hope today
In any hopeless heart
If someone's burden was lighter
Because you did your part
If you made someone laugh out loud
And kept their tears at bay
Then today has been
For you my friend
A very special day

© V4C

Because you love me, I have found
New joys that were not mine before;
New stars have lightened up my sky
With glories growing more and more. 
Because you love me I can rise
To the height of fame and realms of power;
Because you love me I may learn
The highest use of every hour. 
Because you love me I can choose
To look through your dear eyes and see
Beyond the beauty of the Now
Far onward to Eternity. 
Because you love me I can wait
With perfect patience well possessed;
Because you love me all my life
Is circled with unquestioned rest;
Yes, even Life and even Death
Is all unquestioned and all blest.

© V4C

Friend Verses Poems Quotes-
Poetry Verse #17 

If I could catch a rainbow
I would do it just for you
And share with you its beauty
On the days you're feeling blue. 
If I could build a mountain
You could call your very own
A place to find serenity
A place to be alone. 
If I could take your troubles
I would toss them in the sea
But all these things I'm finding
Are impossible for me. 
I cannot build a mountain
Or catch a rainbow fair
But let me be what I know best:
A friend that's always there.

© V4C

I'm really glad I've got friends
To guide and light the way
With ups and downs thank God I've found
Your friendship true each day
I hope I can someday return
The gift you gave to me
I never dreamed I'd have a friend
Like you have come to be

© V4C

In this ever changing world
It's nice to know
That one thing is forever
You'll always be my friend

Submitted by Margaret

© V4C

Friend Verses Poems Quotes-
Poetry Verse #20 

This birthday card is sent today
And I hope it's plain to see
You're a very special person
Who means so much to me

We've been friends for many years
I'm sure you'll agree
We couldn't have known when we met
Just what friends we'd be

But it happened and I'm grateful
And this card is sent to say
To me you're very special
So enjoy your special day
A sim that really does save you money abroad

© V4C

A friend is one who knows us
...but loves us anyway

© V4C

As long as there is a post and the telephone is not cut off, so long as we have things to tell and joys and anxieties to share - we will be friends. Always.

(Marion C. Garretty b. 1917)

© V4C

Friend Verses Poems Quotes-
Poetry Verse #23 

I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I don't believe I deserved my friends.

(Walt Whitman 1819-1892)

© V4C

A friend gives hope
When life is low
A friend's a place
Where you can go
A friend is honest
A friend is true
A friend is precious
My friend is you

© V4C

Friendship is for young and old
Precious like a pot of gold;
Friendship is a sunny day,
As fresh and sweet as new mown hay;
Friendship comforts in the night
Like a star that's shining bright;
Friendship is a gently thing,
Soft as a dove that's on the wing;
Friendship is a joy to see
And is the bond twix you and me;
Friendship is there for all to find,
The secret saviour of mankind

Brian Hope Gent

© V4C

Friend Verses Poems Quotes-
Poetry Verse #26 

When you're lonely
I wish you love.
When you're down
I wish you joy
When you're troubled
I wish you peace
When things are complicated
I wish you simple beauty
When things look empty
I wish you hope.

© V4C

May there always be work for your hands to do
May your purse always hold a coin or two;
May the sun always shine on your window pane
May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain;
May the hand of a friend always be near you
Their hearts full of warmth and gladness to cheer you

Irish Toast

© V4C

I thank you God sincerely for the friends I have today
And all that they have done for me to help me on the way
I thank you that I met them in fellowship and cheer
And that in time of need and stress they always have been near
I thank you for my faithfull friends in places near and far
Whose kindly deeds have made my days as fruitful as they are
Whose happy songs have done so much to make my dreams come true
And who, by their example, Lord, have drawn me close to you.

© V4C


When a feller hasn't got a cent
And is feelin' kind of blue,
And the clouds hang thick and dark
And won't let the sunshine thro',
It's a great thing, oh my brethren,
For a feller just to lay
His hand upon your shoulder in a friendly sort o' way.

It makes a man feel queerish,
It makes the tear-drops start.
And you kind o' feel a flutter
In the region of your heart.
You can't look up and meet his eye,
You don't know what to say
When a hand is on your shoulder in a friendly sort o' way.

Oh, this world's a curious compound
With its honey and its gall;
Its cares and bitter crosses,
But a good world after all.
And a good God must have made it,
Leastwise that is what I say,
When a hand is on your shoulder in a friendly sort o' way.

© V4C

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Friend Verses Poems Quotes-
Poetry Verse #29 

Take a cup of patience
And a big heartful of love
Add a bowl of generosity
To blend with the above;
Put in a dash of laughter
And some understanding too
Sprinkle it with kindness
And memories old and new.
Add some faith before you mix it
Till the dish is rich and sweet
Then enjoy a heaped up portion
With everyone you meet!

(Found in an old cookery book)

© V4C

I'd give up chocolate today
But as you well know, friend
I'm no quitter!

© V4C

I want to be happy 
But I can't be happy
Till I make you happy too

(popular song)

© V4C

Friendship is a ship big enough to carry 2 in fair weather, 
but only 1 in foul
In some cases that's true
Ambrose Bierce who wrote that
Can't have had a friend like you

© V4C

Friend Verses Poems Quotes-

A friend should be radical 
He should love you when you're unlovable
Hug you when you're unhuggable 
And bear you when you're unbearable.
A friend should be fanatical
He should cheer when the whole world boos
Dance when you get good news 
And cry when you cry too.
But most of all, a friend should be mathematical 
He should multiply the joy, divide the sorrow
Subtract the past and add to tomorrow 
Calculate the need deep in your heart 
And always be bigger than the sum of all their parts.

© V4C

Friend Verses Poems Quotes-
Poetry Verse #34 

Faithful friends sustain us
When life's dark shadows fall 
Their words of hope encourage
Make us feel ten feet tall.
Faithful friends are near us
When life is full of woe
It's then they take us by the hand 
To paths that we should go.

Faithful friends are with us 
No matter where we roam
They come with the good Lord's blessing
And lead us safely home.

Jenny Chaplin

© V4C

A friend is someone who is there no matter what
Someone who gives advice, NOT tells you what to do
A friend is a shoulder to lean on, a hand to hold
A friend doesn't have to look or act or dress a certain way
The only thing that matters is what's on the inside.

Sarah Hinton

© V4C

The S.S. Friendship sails the sea
Of life and hopes to steer
A steady course, where there may be
Horizons bright and clear.
It's always keen to have on board
A willing entourage
Aware of storms, but can afford
To shout, "Bon Voyage"

J.M. Robertson

© V4C

Good friends never say goodbye - they simply say "see you soon"


© V4C

Friend Verses Poems Quotes-
Poetry Verse 

Friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly


© V4C

Angels have wings
Those without are friends .....Like you

© V4C

Friend Verses Poems Quotes-
Poetry Verse #40 

I have a list of folk I know all written in a book
And every year at Christmas time I go and take a look
And that is when I realise that these names are a part
Not of the book they're written in, but of my very heart.

Every year when Christmas comes I realise anew
The biggest gift life can give is knowing folk like you
May the Spirit of Christmas that forever endures
Leave its rich blessings in the hearts of you and yours.

© V4C

From quiet homes and first beginning
Out to the undiscovered ends
There's nothing worth the wear of winning
But laughter and the love of friends.

(Hilaire Belloc)

© V4C

books and friends should be few but good.


© V4C

You meet your friend your face brightens - you have struck gold.

(Patrice Diehl)

© V4C

Fate chose my relations, I choose you my friend.

(adapted from Jacques Delille)

© V4C

We always have fewer friends than we imagine, but more than we know.

(Hugo Von Hofmannsthal)

© V4C

Have no friends not equal to yourself.


© V4C

While lasting joys the man attend
Who has a faithful female friend.

(Cornelius Whur)

© V4C

Friendship is love without his wings.

(Lord George Gordon Byron)

© V4C

Friend Verses Poems Quotes-
Poetry Verse #49 

Love is like the wild rose briar
Friendship like the holly tree
The holly is dark when the rose briar blooms
But which will bloom most constantly.

(Emily Bronte)

© V4C

Be more ready to visit a friend in adversity than in prosperity.

(Greek proverb)

© V4C

Two may talk together under the same roof for many years yet never really meet, and two others at first speech are old friends.

(Mary Catherwood)

© V4C

A true friend is the most precious of all possessions and the one we take the least thought about acquiring.

(La Rochefoucauld)

© V4C

Best friend, my oasis in the desert.

(George Eliot)

© V4C

It is we who becomes either useless or insipid when we have no longer either friends or enemies.

(Queen Christina of Sweden)

© V4C

Though Love be deeper, Friendship is more wide.

(Corinne Roosevelt Robinson)

© V4C

O grant me, heaven, a middle state
Neither too humble nor too great
More than enough, for nature's ends
With something left to treat my friends.

(David Mallet)

© V4C

When the sum shines on you, you see your friends. Friends are the thermometers by which one may judge the temperature of one's fortunes.

(Marguerite Blessington)

© V4C

To like and dislike the same things that is indeed true friendship.


© V4C

And we find at the end of a perfect day the soul of a friend we've made.

(Carrie Jacobs Bond)

© V4C

What is a friend. It's one soul inhabiting two bodies.

(Diogenes Laertius)

© V4C

Friend Verses Poems Quotes-
Poetry Verse 

There's a kind of emotional exploration you plumb with a friend that you don't really do with your family.

(Bette Midler)

© V4C

I have always detested the belief that sex is the chief bond between man and woman. Friendship is far more human.

(Agnes Smedley)

© V4C

Friend Verses Poems Quotes-
Poetry Verse 

The happiest people seem to be those who have no particular reason for being happy except they are so.


© V4C

Irish Blessing

May you always have work for your hands to do
May your pockets hold always a coin or two
May the sun shine bright on your window pane
May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain
May the hand of a friend always be near you
And may God fill your heart and gladness to cheer you

© V4C

Friend Verses Poems Quotes-
Poetry Verse 

Friends care
Friends share
We need friends

© V4C

Friendship Verses / Poems / Quotes

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