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Friend Birthday Verses Poems Quotes

but, first...

I've been writing verses
For 60 years...phew!
And d'yer know why I did it?
T'was especially for you

Jon Bratton

Friend Birthday Verses Poems Quotes
May your birthday be truly wondrous
And better, my friend, than ever before
May your best dreams be fulfilled
And your happiness grow much more

Jon Bratton 2004

© V4C 

Happy Birthday to YOU 
Happy Birthday to YOU 
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday 
Happy Birthday to YOU

© V4C 

Happy Birthday to my bestest friend,
Your special day is here once more
Here’s wishing for you an abundance
Of good things waiting in store.
And that you have a year of happiness and laughter,
And the very best of everything, hereinafter.

Jon Bratton 2005

© V4C 

Happy Birthday
To a 
Gentleman of Three Outs
Without Money
Without Wit
Without Manners
Four Outs
Without a Present

But with a great sense of humour

Jon Bratton 2013

© V4C 

While on the subject of a card, with no gift or cash given as a gift, here's a bunch of verses

You’ll be like me no doubt

The things you need are few 

So when it comes to giving a gift

Money's the practical thing to do

A wheelbarrow load of cash is dodgy

Used fivers under a park bench, old hat

I’ve settled for a cheque inside a card

Arriving on your front door mat

Jon Bratton 2015

© V4C

Some people want presents, 

Some want a birthday bash.

But you? Same thing every year.

You just want cash

Happy Birthday

© V4C

Birthday (Boy) (Girl)
…without the cash!

The lazy person's gift

Is cash stuck in a card

It's what a person does

Who doesn't try very hard

But I thought long and hard

I pondered day and night

Sweated that I'd get it wrong

Knowing you'd get it right

You'd pick the perfect gift for you

That's when this thought came in a flash

This is not just cash I'm giving you

It's a thoughtful person's cash
…in the form of a cheque

Have a great day etc

© V4C

I'm coming to see you today

So, friend, enjoy my presence

Coz I may have a sparkling personality

But I ain't got no presents
Happy Birthday, Buddy

Jon Bratton 2012

© V4C

Happy Birthday

You're now a teen
without the cash!

I'm sooo mean

© V4C

One more year of existence down the drain.
Aint that very true
And you would have just loved the gift
I didn't bother getting you.
Because life’s too short
For opening packages, it’s true
A cheque is the answer

To spend unwisely, knowing you

© V4C

May you live as long as you want to, 

And want to as long as you live.

May you forgive me for the present

Or the money I didn’t give

© V4C

Welcome to our free online printable Happy Birthday Friend poem page

Inside every older person is a confused younger person 
“What the hell happened”’ (he)(she) muses and guesses
There’s no confusion in your case, my friend
It’s just years of abuse and excesses
So, why stop now?
Party Hearty, My Fine Birthday Friend

Jon Bratton 2012

© V4C 

A friend gives hope 
When life is low
A friend's a place
Where you can go 
A friend is honest 
A friend is true 
A friend is precious 
My friend is You

© V4C 

Your birthday’s a day to remember
A day to reflect and recall,
All the wonderful days of your life
And may today be the best one of all

Happy, happy birthday, my friend

Jon Bratton 2006

© V4C 

Friend Birthday Verses Poems Quotes

When it comes to friends 
There's lots of them about 
But you're the very very best 
Of that, there is no doubt 
Happy Birthday (David)

© V4C 

This Birthday greeting is sent to show
How much, my friend, I think of you 
How much you mean, you’re a pleasure to wish 
A Wonderfully Happy Birthday to

Jon Bratton 2004

© V4C 

You’re only as young as you look
So fun times must be sought out
So party hearty today, on your birthday
Coz time is rapidly running out!!

I should have broken this to you gently
But time is of the essence

Jon Bratton 2012

© V4C 

I'm coming to see you today
So, friend, enjoy my presence
Coz I may have a sparkling personality
But I ain't got no presents

Happy Birthday, Buddy

Jon Bratton 2012

© V4C 

I know you can’t remember being born.
And, in my mind, grave doubts have arose
Anyway, your mother assures me that you were
So, happy birthday, I suppose

Only a friend as close as me
Can hurl such birthday abuse

Jon Bratton 2012

© V4C 


More Friend Birthday Verses Poems Quotes

Friends like you are hard to find 
There are so many pubs....( shoe shops ) . could be in any one of them!
Happy Birthday (Dave) (Susie)

© V4C 

Friend Birthday Verses Poems Quotes

(Dave), my friend, now that you're (40)
Don't start to dye your hair 
Don't think of having face lifts 
And don't change the clothes you wear 
Don't modify your language 
Don't rebel and cause outrage 
Decide to do the decent thing 
Just lie about your age 

© V4C 

May you live to be 100
And may the last voice you hear be mine.
Said Frank Sinatra
Imbibing a vat of wine
Be like Frank, friend, today
Happy Birthday

Jon Bratton 2012

© V4C 

Men are like wine. Some turn to vinegar,
but the best improve with age.
Probaby Stephen Fry said that
Or some other brain box sage
Prove the way
My friend, mprove today

Jon Bratton 2012

© V4C 
Friend Birthday Verses Poems Quotes

“Old age is always 15 years older than you are”
A wise man once said
That way you’ll be 15 years from being old
When, my friend, you’re dead
So go for it
Party hearty

Jon Bratton 2012

© V4C 

Today, your birthday, is special 
A day when dreams come true,
Followed by a year that's filled with things
That mean the most to you.

Happy Birthday

Jon Bratton 2004  

© V4C 

Here’s hoping your Birthday is wonderful
In every single which way
And may next year bring happiness 
For you and yours, day after day
Happy Birthday, my friend

Jon Bratton 2008

© V4C 

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