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Welcome to Name Meanings Personality Traits There are websites that give the meanings of every name known to man and if you're thinking of calling your child Algernon we'll give you the link... but here, cutting to the quick, we concentrate on the currently favored names of the main English speaking countries

Let's Start with Name Meanings
Personality Traits at bottom of page

Most Popular Boys and Girls Names

USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

Alfie Counselor (English) 
Andrew Manly, Courageous (Greek) 
Anthony Worthy Of Praise (Greek) 
Charlie Manly, Farmer (German) 
Christopher Christ-Bearer (Greek) 
Connor Much Wanted (Celtic/Gaelic) 
Cooper Barrel Maker (English) 
Daniel God Is My Judge (Hebrew) 
Dylan Born From The Ocean; Son Of The Sea (Welsh) 
Ethan Firm, Strong (Hebrew) 
Harry Army Ruler (Scandinavian)
Jack God Is Gracious, Merciful (Hebrew) 
Jacob Supplanter (Hebrew) 
James Supplanter (Hebrew) 
John God Is Gracious, Merciful (Hebrew) 
Joseph God Will Increase (Hebrew) 
Joshua Jehovah Saves (Hebrew) 
Justin Just Or True (French) 
Lachlan From The Lake (Celtic/Gaelic) 
Logan Small Cove (Celtic/Gaelic) 
Matthew God's Gift (Hebrew) 
Michael Gift from God (Hebrew)
Nathan Gift from God (Hebrew)
Nicholas People's victory (English
Noah Comfort (Hebrew)
Oliver The olive tree. The biblical olive tree symbolizes fruitfulness and beauty and dignity. Extending an olive branch signifies an offer of peace. (English)
Riley Form of Ryley. Surname (Irish)
Ryan Kingly (Irish)
Thomas Twin (Hebrew)
Tyler Tile layer or a variant of Taylor. An English surname frequently used as a given name (English)
William Resolute protector; will. For a long time after the Norman conquest in A.D. 1066 many English boys were given some form of William the Conquer's name (English)

Abigail Gives joy (Hebrew)
Amelia Industrious, Striving (English)
Ashley Meadow of ash trees. A surname (English)
Ava From medieval names Avis/Aveline (English)
Charlotte Feminine of Charles meaning manly (English)
Chloe Blooming (Greek)
Ella She (Spanish)
Elizabeth Consecrated to God (Hebrew)
Emily Admiring (Latin)
Emma Universal (Latin)
Grace Grace of God (Latin)
Hannah Grace of God (Hebrew)
Isabella Consecrated to God (Italian)
Jessica Wealthy (Hebrew)
Lily Blossoming Flower (Latin)
Madison Son of Matthew (Origin Boys name) (English)
Megan Soft and gentle (Celtic/Gaelic) 
Mia Mine (Latin)
Olivia Peace - Of The Olive Tree (Latin)
Paige Assistant (French)
Ruby A Ruby Jewel (English)
Sarah Princess (Hebrew)
Sienna Reddish Brown (Italian)
Sophia Wisdom (Greek)
Sophie Wisdom - Diminutive Of Sophia (Greek)
Sydney Contraction Of St. Denys (French)
Taylor Tailor (English) 

For any other name meanings personality traits 

This page is about both... 
name meanings
personality traits so...

Personality Traits

Unless you wait until the child is several years old so you can be aware of its personality you cannot possibly pick a name to match. Clearly there are a few names which could match a person for example Joy would suit a happy person but most so called name/personality matches have been made up. There is a website which will give you name choices for certain traits or physical features but it is only a bit of fun. Here's the link if you want to play the game Renamer Website

The name you pick can have an effect on the namee's life, mainly as a child is growing up. There have been experiments carried out which suggests a child with a desirable name may get higher grades than a child with an undesirable name. This is a terrible indictment of teachers but they're only human 

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