Jon Bratton's

Christmas Verses Poems

but, first...

I've been writing verses
For 60 years...phew!
And d'yer know why I did it?
T'was especially for you

Jon Bratton

Welcome to our free online Christmas verses poems greetings, wishes printable page. These are free to use. Merry Christmas
May the joy and 
peace of Christmas
be with you today
and always 

© V4C

Verse #2

Let us keep Christmas,
holding it close to our hearts...
for its meaning never ends
and its spirit is the warmth and joy
of remembering friends...
Merry Christmas 
Every happiness in the New Year

© V4C

Verse #3

Though we're apart
You're in my heart
This Christmas
...and always

© V4C

Christmas Verses  #4

Here's to a stress free Christmas
May your Christmas lights work..
...first time

© V4C

Verse #5

May your presents be many
And your troubles be few
Merry Christmas

© V4C

Christmas Verses Poems- Verse #6

There is no time
more fitting to say
Thank You
and to wish you a
Happy Christmas
and a New Year
of health, happiness
and prosperity 

© V4C
Christmas Poems, Wishes, Greetings, Quotes,

Christmas Verses Poems

Christmas Poems- Verse #7

Best Wishes
for all the days
of the
coming year 

© V4C

Christmas Verses Poems- Verse #8

This Christmas may you join
the angels rejoicing
the shepherds in believing
The wise men in seeking
The lads down the pub

warmest thoughts and
best wishes for a
wonderful Christmas and
Happy New Year 

© V4C

Christmas Verses Poems- Verse #9

to us means a special occasion
when we can express our sincere thanks
to those whose friendship we cherish.
May you have a wonderful, joyous time

© V4C

Christmas Verses Poems- Verse #10

Our Best Wishes
for a joyous

© V4C

Christmas Verses Poems- Verse #11

May your Christmas
be wrapped in Joy
and filled with Love 
Best Wishes for
Peace, Health
and Happiness 
throughout the coming year. 

© V4C

May Santa bring you happiness,
Good health, friends ...
....and a winning lottery ticket.

© V4C

Love, Joy and Peace
Today, Tomorrow and Always

© V4C

May your celebrations be merry
Your heart be light
Your Christmas happy
Your Season bright

© V4C

Hope you'll be delighted
With all that Christmas has in store
And may you find the New Year
Brings all you're hoping for

© V4C

May your Christmas
be wrapped in happiness
.....and tied with love

© V4C

Hope you have a lovely Christmas. Please call again for more verses and poems 

Here's some personalised Christmas verses, poems

If Santa was.... 
If Santa was 
a (surname)
an Ozzie
from Anytown

If Santa was a (New Yorker)
He'd be a builder on the side
Because chimneys are very narrow
And Santa's very wide

Overnight, there would appear
A big hole in your roof
And you'd know that Santa did it
But you wouldn't have the proof

In January, S. Claus Roofing Contractors
Would take your remaining money
While you saved up for the arrival
Of the Geordie Easter Bunny

© V4C

If Santa was a (Durham lad)
There'd be money to be made
Getting a Christmas single
In the hit parade

With a waistline just like Meatloaf's
And a beard like ZZ Top's
He'd have the perfect image
To make Top of the Pops

And you'd have to get his record
Cos' if it wasn't on your list
You'd find on Christmas morning
You'd been accidently missed

© V4C

If Santa was (as shrewd as you) 
He'd take a royalty share
Of the billions of Santa cards
Published every year

He'd be bigger than Walt Disney
And Spielberg put together
He'd move to a tax haven
And enjoy the better weather

And if you expected him to visit you
You'd have to save up all the Summer
House calls are expensive
Have you ever called a plumber?

© V4C

If Santa was a (Techie)
He'd suss out there's no way
To visit 300 million homes
In a reindeer powered sleigh

He'd use the latest technology
To get his deliveries done
In time to have a pint or two
And a bit of Christmas fun

The reindeers would be his pit stop crew
He'd drive a Benetton
And all Summer long he'd make extra dosh
Winning Formula One

© V4C

If Santa was a (Chav)
He'd join the dole queue
Because apart from Christmas deliveries
He's got nothing else to do

But he wouldn't put his feet up
And watch daytime TV
He'd find himself an "earner"
Strictly cash - no VAT

As he's got a reindeer farm
He'd probably be found
On a barrow, flogging cheap deer burgers
Outside the football ground

© V4C

This page brought you the best short wishes, verses, poems, peoms, quotes, messages, wordings, sayings, text and greetings for and to family and friends. Some are serious Christmas wishes poems, some are funny, cute Christmas greetings, verses or quotes and some are serious poems, some are funny humorous, humourous, humerous verses or quotes, some are silly fun, amusing, comical, little small short rhyming inspirational sweet cute good best nice simple sad traditional or modern romantic and even adult, naughty, rude, dirty...but not very. and all are suitable for greetings cards and scrapbooking pages

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