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Belated Birthday Verses Poems

but, first...

I've been writing verses
For 60 years...phew!
And d'yer know why I did it?
T'was especially for you

Jon Bratton

Belated Birthday verses poems
OK, so this card is late 
Landing on your mat 
But the others were bought in a shop 
How difficult is that ? 

This card took skill and talent 
And dedication to create 
And days of thought and craftsmanship 
It's no wonder that it's late 
But seriously, I'm sooooo sorry 

Jon Bratton c 2005


(Kathy), this birthday wish is a tinsy tad late
I remembered you...I just forgot the date
My calendar said you were (sixty five)today*
I ignored it.. I thought there's just no way

You look so young, vibrant and vivacious too
Enough already...there's only so much crawling a (bloke)(guy)(gal) can do
Anybody can say happy birthday, bang on time
But how many sent you a unique hilarious witty rhyme
That says happy birthday to (his)(her) (sister-in-law)(special)(best friend) girlie
And, what's more, did it 363 days... early

Jon Bratton © 2012

*Go here to find ways of using any age



Welcome to my Free, online, printable Belated Verses .. Poems page. 

These birthday wishes may be
Just a tad, a smidgin' late
But you're always wished much happiness
No matter what the date


(Elizabeth) about your birthday
The date, I know, I've missed
But hey, you can read this card sober
As against reading it...on the day

Jon Bratton c 2005


Although these birthday wishes
Will arrive a little late
You're always wished
Much happiness
No matter what the date


Your birthday came, your birthday went
Here's the card I should have sent!

submitted by mary haggie:source unknown


Your birthday's passed, and I'm too late,
So sorry . I forgot the date.
So here's a card, I've sent to say,
I hope you had an AWESOME DAY!

Marjie (Bunnikins): c 2006

Belated Birthday Verses Poems

more belated birthday verses poems

I had this card all ready to send
I must be going round the bend!
To post it off, I clean forgot
So did you get it? did not!.
Well here it is, a day too late
Please forgive me, sorry mate!

Marjie (Bunnikins): c 2006


I hear you're celebrating a belated birthday .......
bet all the other fools sent them on time!

© V4C 

You may think this card's late
But you'll have to change your tune
It's not (2) days too late
But (363) days too soon

© V4C 

If I could say sorry
One hundred million times
It wouldn't be enough
To lessen my crime.

It just went out of my head
The card was written right here
I am so very very very sorry 
You do know I hold you so dear.

And on that basis, what can I say
I'm late...but just by a little bit
So why don't you build yourself a bridge
And get over it.

I was crawling sooo well...but blew it!!!
Hope you had a cracking birthday, best buddy

Jon Bratton © 2010

© V4C 
Belated Birthday Verses Poems

'Sorry' has five little letters
'Love you' has two more
'Can you forgive me' has fifteen.
Did you get birthday gifts and flowers galore?

Hope you had a wonderful day

Maggie-May © 2010

© V4C 

if you relate to belated birthday verses poems, there's more


There are times when friendship is tested
This may well be one of those;
I cannot forgive myself
I saw the date and froze.
The post wouldn't reach
The phonelines down;
Whatever could I do
To save you from a frown.
So here I am a little late
But with as much love as I can muster;
Hope you had the best of days
Sparkling Fun and Happy Lustre.

Maggie-May © 2010

© V4C

And more belated birthday verses poems here

Belated Birthday Verses Poems

Apologies all round I say
Having missed the most important of dates;
Hope you enjoyed your day
It is a good job we're mates.

Maggie-May © 2010

© V4C

Better late than never
I know it's not the same;
I'm so sorry that I missed the date
It certainly wasn't my aim.

Parcel at the ready
Even stamped and set to go;
I'm sure that you were alright
You'd miss me though - I know!

© V4C

Well I won't be the first to wish you
But I may well be the last;
To wish you a Happy Birthday
As a few days have now gone past!

I hope that your day went well
With lots of love and laughter;
I just thought I'd carry on
Being late and celebrating after.

© V4C

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Happy Belated Birthday Verses / Poems / Quotes

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