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but, first...

I've been writing verses
For 60 years...phew!
And d'yer know why I did it?
T'was especially for you

Jon Bratton

About Me...or rather, how I came to be talking to you now.
I used to have "a proper job" as a Risk Manager. As an A.C.I.I.(professional insurance/risk qualification) I was the Insurance/Risk Manager of a major UK Local Authority before being lured, with wife and kids in tow, to the Middle East to be Risk Manager of 3 International and 20 Domestic Airports for big tax free bucks.

I was just over 40 when I returned home to be an unemployed self employed person. Before becoming broke, having been rooked by charlatans and thieves, I bought an art, craft and framing shop which became a family empire of five shops. My daughter, Lesley, having been used to me being in collar and tie once asked me if I was ever going to get a "proper job". Stealing from Billy Bragg's Handyman Blues, I said

"I'm not any good at pottery
So let's lose the 't' and just shift back the 'e'

And I'll find a way to make my poetry
Build a roof over our heads"

Eventually the business was taken over by my son, Gary, who still runs La Pashe and Just Inklined 
When the business embraced the internet I embraced the internet in the form of this website, aimed primarily at card makers, scrapbookers and anyone who has birthdays and puts on paper hats at Christmas. I had always written it was a natural progression. If you google me you'll find I'm now all over the internet like a rash...thro Gateshead, my home townmy schoolmy golf, my fave pub, my vacations, my kids/grandkids. I'm on Facebook and I tweet
I'm 66, as I write this, (see my pic below) and drawing the old age pension but...

...I still have this website, my own online business, which makes me financially free..ish

I'm Jon Bratton, the author/webmaster.
Hello, Welcome, Hi, G'day,
This website's  now my one and only job,
I'm very glad to say
Providing free poems (for non commercial use)
Is my pleasure to do
I'm delighted to have been of help
To, literally, millions of you

How did it all begin?
Oh, that was long ago, I'm afraid
I began writing personalized poems
And for some, I even got paid
Though it was rare
I just did it in my spare time
Mostly for friends and work colleagues

Insulting them, in rhyme

About five, short years ago,
In spare time, every now and again
I built the pages of this website.
I had a "proper" job, back then
The website wasn't to make money
Just like before, it was for fun
After a while I started to realize
Just what could be done

Now, I'm comfortably retired
So that's all I'll say about me
The rest is a shameless advert about
Becoming financially free

I thought I'd pass on to you
All that I've learned
And not to put too fine a point on it
All the cash I've earned

As you'd expect, the exact dollars and cents
I'll not be giving
It's sufficient to tell you that this website
Earns me a comfortable living

I used a company that builds websites
That visitors all adore
And, even better, they're loved by search engines
Who send traffic to your door

If/when you get visitors,
It's a safe knocking bet,
That within two years, you'll be amazed
At the numbers that you get.

Through the placing of Google code,
Adverts automatically arrive
And you'll make so much money,
You'll quit your nine till five

Of course, you love commuting and admire your boss.
But, I'm guessing, you'd like to quit.
So, here's a very funny video
About  Site Build It

If you fancy being your own boss
$299 is the price
Or, if you prefer
You can pay monthly. Very nice!

Should you really want to know more
I've got much more to tell
Example: you don't need programming or design skills
And no business or products to sell.

SBI has all the tools you need,
And they take you, by the hand,
To thoroughly teach you, step by step,
So you'll fully understand.

They help you find a topic,
Be it gerbil breeding or prize fighting
Everybody knows something about something
And you don't need clever writing

At every turn the Company will help you
Build a site that, without a doubt,
Will make you cash,
No matter what it's about!

In the top 1%, you'll find SBI
With the most successful sites you'll see
Yet they were built by ordinary people,
Just like you and me

Stop Press...the deal just got better
You now get, for free, the fantastic C 2
That's where your site visitors
Write new material for you

Which leads to increased traffic
And gives your site the sort of buzz
That comes from visitor interaction
Just like Facebook does

Some SBIers rave about it
According to them "Its the NEW way"

Check out this SBIers blog
To see what they've got to say

Well, that's the shameless advert over
It's now back to me
But seriously, if you want to know more,
Go to SBI for a quick look see

Learn More

You're not obliged to buy

But it's a good buy

..write for the occasion

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