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but, first...

I've been writing verses
For 60 years...phew!
And d'yer know why I did it?
T'was especially for you

Jon Bratton

Birthday Site Map

The Hub where you'll find all the birthday material

Why a birthday site map? Since its creation in the summer of 2004 this website has just growed and growed, indeed it's growed an awful size and to be manageable to mere mortals makes for the need of GPS or, as the Brits say, satellite navigation in the form of site maps which will lead you to all the treasure that is the contents of this site
It's become more than that because there is so much birthday material this page has evolved into a search results page for the searches that follow because the search engines using keywords are incapable of linking what is the same subject to humans. Examples are called for. A search for Old Age Poems brings different results from the search Poems on Aging

Before the links to my Birthday Poem pages here's a link to the FMA contest for New Happy Birthday Songs

But wait, press if you've got time but to save time, here's the
1st, 2nd and 3rd
and, should you be interested, here's my favorite

Happy Birthday (Rich Eilbert) / CC BY 3.0

There are, on this site, more than 30 pages devoted to Birthday material and there's more on other sites 

General Birthday Verses Poems Quotes

Special Milestone Birthday Material

1st Birthday Poems 
Sweet 16 Birthday Poems
21st Birthday Poems, 18th Birthday Poems

Getting Old

30th Birthday Poems

Birthday Site Map
So you can find your way
Round all the material
About a birthday

40th Birthday Poems
Age Birthday Poems...including 2nd, 13th, 16th, 40th, 100th
Old Age Birthday Poems
Funny 50th Birthday Poem, aimed at women
Funny 50th Birthday Quotes
Happy 50th Birthday Poems
60th Birthday Rhymes
Funny Birthday Poems 70th
70th Birthday Poem Speech involving all attendees
Over the Hill Poems (incl. poems for those aged 31 to 69)
Wrinkinsults (Friendly Age Insults)
80th Birthday Poems
(but actually covering 75th- 100th and beyond)
Poem on Age


From 30 onwards the milestone birthday poems are about growing old so, for example, if you don't like the 60th birthday material or want 30th birthday look at the 40th or 50th birthday stuff and just change the number.
From, say, the 75th birthday onwards to 100th and beyond the style of material changes to show more reverence to the advanced years. The 80th Birthday Poems page contains material to cover all these advanced ages..simply alter the number to suit

Birthday Poems for Kids

Belated Birthday Verses

Birthday Bible Verses

All Purpose Birthday Poems Verses Wishes
Happy Birthday Verses
What To Write In Birthday Cards

Family Birthday Verses Poems Quotes
Dad Birthday Poems
Step Father Birthday Poems
Mother Birthday Poems
Husband Birthday Poems
Wife Birthday Poems
Daughter Birthday Poems
Sister Birthday Poems
Birthday Poems for a Grandma
Birthday Poems for Cousins
Love Poems for Birthday
Romantic Birthday Poems
Birthday Poems for your Boyfriend
Cousin Birthday Poems

The sentiments relating to Mothers and Fathers are contained in poems for Mothers Day and Fathers Day and these can easily be adapted to Mother and Father Birthday Poems. Here are the links

Mothers Day Poems
Fathers Day Poems

Friend Birthday Poems

Funny Birthday Wishes
Over the Hill Poems
Poem on Age..funny poem about creeping decrepidness
Unique Birthday Wishes

Other Birthday Material
Men Birthday Poems
Women Birthday Poems
Themed Birthday Poems for sports/hobbies

If you want to pour yourself a cup of coffee and have a good browse round this website of 400 pages go to the Homepage (from here the Birthday Site Map) and you'll find all the Navigation Buttons

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