Jon Bratton's

Themed Birthday Poems
(or adaptable to any occasion)

but, first...

I've been writing verses
For 60 years...phew!
And d'yer know why I did it?
T'was especially for you

Jon Bratton

Welcome to Themed Birthday Poems.
(these could apply, with slight amendment, to any occasion. For example, they could be used for a wedding anniversary for a couple who play bowls or support the same soccer team)

Let's kick off with a Birthday poem on the subject of busy lady with kids/grandkids/pets to look after

Congratulations (Beverley)
You've reached the big (Six)-O
You're a very busy lady
Always on the go

There's not many in your life to 'mother'
There's a thought to perish
There's (2) kids, (4) grandkids, (1) hubby
And (3)(golden retrievers) to cherish

That's an awful lot of 'Gratefuls'
Who will join me to say
Mrs (Beverley)(Baker), (Wonderwoman)
Have a really super day

Jon Bratton © 1997

© V4C 

These are verses, quotes which brings you birthday poems, verses on the theme of the birthday celebrant's sport / hobby / interest / personality.

These have been written for the milestone birthdays of 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th.

If you want to use these poems for a non milestone birthday, for some of the following, you'll need to change the first two lines. Here's some suggestions

Another year older (Jane)
More aches from head to toe


Another year older (Jack)
You're now (29) (39) or so

Verses where the Theme is Sport

Themed Birthday poems on the subject of being a fan of a team playing cricket, hockey, ice hockey, baseball, netball, basketball, football including soccer, rugby, American football

Congratulations (Jimmy)
On reaching (60) today
For (50) years you've watched
(Boston Celtics) play

May this special birthday feel
Like being (8) up
Winning the League
And the (Challenge) Cup

(Champions of Europe)
(World Series winner)
(Rose Bowl winners)
(Team of the Year)
Thrown in for good measure
May your birthday be special
Something to treasure

If for a different occasion to a birthday the verses could be

Congratulations (Jimmy & Carol)
On your (25th Wedding Anniversary) today
For (25) years you've together watched
(Boston Celtics) play

May this special day feel
Like being (8) up
Winning the League
And the (Challenge) Cup

(Champions of Europe)
(World Series winner)
(Rose Bowl winners)
(Team of the Year)
Thrown in for good measure
May your anniversary be special
Something to treasure

Themed Birthday poems on the subject of playing football, hockey, lawn bowls, ten pin bowling etc

There's a fanatical (footie, hockey, bowling) fan
Who loves the beautiful game
Who eats, sleeps and lives (football or whatever)
(Simon) is his name

And as it's your birthday,(Simon)
I send this card to say
May you always play a blinder
(And have a 'back of the net' sort of day)
(And have a 'touching jack' kinda day)
(And have a 'striking' day)
(And have a 'man of the match' sort of day)

Ten Pin Bowling

As a bowler you've got time to spare
But time's not on your side
You'll end up in the gutter
In the meantime, enjoy the ride

There's more to life than bowling, but not much
Happy Birthday

I tried to spare you the insults
But failed

Birthday poetry on the subject of boxing

Congratulations (Jack Dempsey)
On reaching the big (Five)-O
In the bout of life, you've had some knocks
And boy! does it show

We're kidding (Jack), honestly
Cos this is our hunch
You may be getting decrepit
But you can still pack a punch

We're now on the back foot
No more insults you'll hear us say
(Jack) enjoy your Fiftieth
Have a 'knock-out' sort of a day

Themed Birthday poems on the subject of horse racing

Congratulation (Uncle Jack)
You've reached the big (Six)-O
In the classic race, we call Life
There's many furlongs to go

We bet your birthday’s happy
Odds on, we would say
(Uncle Jack) you're a Champion
Have a 'winner' of a day

Themed Birthday poems on the subject of golf

Congratulations (Jimmy)
You’ve reached the big (Five)-O
That’s the same number of shots you take
With half a round to go
(With (12) holes still to go)

We’ve insulted your golfing skills
Which we didn’t mean to say
(Jimmy) may all your puts be ‘gimme’s’
Have a ‘course record’ sort of day

Have a 'Hole in One' Birthday
We’ve now said enough
Hit them straight down the middle
And chip in from the rough

Birthday poetry on the subject of angling / fishing

Congratulations (Jimmy)
You’ve reached the big Five-O
It’s time to go on cruise control
And start moving slow

You should sit by the (river bank) (fishing lake) (pier)
Waiting for a bite
Chilling out, relaxing
All movement, light and slight

At your age, it’s expected
But hold it, half a mo
You started sitting, doing nothing
More than (20) years ago

Have a great birthday
And remember
Good things come to those who bait.

Birthday poetry on the subject of cricket

Congratulations Jimmy
You’ve reached a half century score
You’re still in fine batting form
So there’s lots more runs in store

Keep driving to the boundary
Avoid play stoppage thro’ downpours
Protect your bails and make quite sure
The googly misses yours

You’re in the middle of your innings
There’s many balls to clout
Before the last over’s over
And you’re no longer in, but out

Meantime, have a great 50th birthday
And keep walking out when you’re in
And walking in when you’re out

Birthday poetry on the subject of keeping pigeons

Happy Birthday (Len)
(My James Dean biker type)
My Sporty/Athletic type
(You're becoming over ripe)
Perhaps as you're getting older
It's time for slippers and pipe

Your get up and go has got up and went
Your energy level's sapping
But you can hang on to your pigeons
Cos they do all the flapping

Sport in general

The activities that evolved into sports
Were the business of early man
It was his business to feed and clothe his family
And defend his tribe or clan

If he couldn't run, jump or punch
His survival was unlikely
He needed to accurately throw things
That were heavy, lumpy or spikey

Later, at the Ancient Olympics
These were the only competitive sport
Much later, balls, pucks and shuttlecocks
Were hit, kicked or caught

Sport expanded to cover everything
Eg. tai chi (whatever that may be)
But sport was not big business
Until the advent of TV

Now, huge audiences bring big bucks
And the guys on field, course or pitch,
As well as owners, managers and agents
Count among the famously rich

It's been a long road from cavemen
Throwing rocks and spears at wild boars
To today's dedicated, well honed athletic polymaths
Well, except for that team of yours!

Jon Bratton 2011

More Themed Birthday Poems to follow

Birthday One Liner for a Golfer
Happy Birthday golfer
Are you going to
ParTEE ?

Themed Birthday Poems where the theme is Womanly Interests

Themed Birthday poems on the subject of shopping

Congratulations (Jane)
You've reached the big (Four)-O
You're a very busy lady
Always on the go

For you must shop, shop and shop
There's no time to lose
Just two feet...but a girl can't have
Too many shoes

Here comes your birthday wish
All formal and proper
A Very Happy (40th) Birthday to
(England's) Champion Shopper!!

Themed Birthday poems on the subject of belly dancing

Your torso had grown 

Your hips had too

It’s part of ageing 

But what could you do?

Gyrating would help

But exercising’s a bore

You checked out belly dancing 

And liked what you saw

Exotic and sensual
And good fun too
You’re wobbling your bits

Towards a slimmer, fitter you

Happy Birthday, Mata Hari

Themed Birthday poems on the subject of being a fan of a movie star/pop star eg George Clooney, Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt, Shahrukh Khan, Tom Cruise, Jude Law, Mel Gibson, Leonardo Dicaprio, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp

Happy Birthday (Susie)
I've pondered what to buy
I know how much you love (Johnny Depp)
So I thought it worth a try

I spoke to his agent
And told him how much you care
He said there's a chance, at your birthday bash
(Johnny) could be there

So ahead of your party
Get yourself a pretty frock
Have some drinks and brace yourself
For a (30th) birthday shock

Birthday poetry on the subject of having lots of vacations/foreign holidays

Congratulations (Jane)
On reaching the big (Four)-O
Your feet are rarely on the ground
You're always packed to go

You don't mind how far you travel
To get a bit of sun
You're always (on the beach)(round the pool) somewhere
Having (holiday)(vacation) fun

We're sending these birthday wishes
By's better than text
(Jane) try to fit in your birthday
T'wixt your last trip and the next

Poem for Sports Fan

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