Jon Bratton's

70th Birthday Poems

but, first...

I've been writing verses
For 60 years...phew!
And d'yer know why I did it?
T'was especially for you

Jon Bratton

There's much 70th birthday poems material on this site related to special birthdays and the 40th,  60th and 70th birthday material can be used for 70th. However, here is material which was used for a 70th birthday party where, instead of one person making a 70th birthday poems speech, all attendees at the party, in turn, spoke, including the children. The birthday girl was tipped off to write a reply speech and that response is also included here.

This material is presented as it may inspire you to do something along the same lines. 

On the day it worked very well. Here's the video, doctored to keep the participants as anonymous as possible, to give you some idea of how it worked. The "performers" and the audience, being the same folk, naturally gave a very hearty response


Now that we’ve eaten
It’s birthday tribute time
Who’d like to say a word or two?
But it must be all in rhyme


Welcome to the Seventies Club
The members are you and me
I've been here for 3 years
And it’s not a bad place to be


Some say I’ve lost some marbles
A few memory cells are missed
But I know who my friends are
And Marg,’re high up on that list


So I’m your first cousin once removed in law
I’m going round the bend
Let’s keep it simple
Happy Birthday, my best friend


I’m your first cousin once removed
And it’s not what I want to be
Congratulations, Second Mum (Mam)
On reaching Seventy


When I took a heavy snow dive
And hit the ground with speed
Throughout all my mental.. and dental, anguish
You were my friend in need

D (child)

Technically,  today you’re 69
Sorry for being a geek
Enjoy life in your Sixties
Cos it's going to end next week


I say...(Mum)(Mam), thanks so very much
We really rely on you
Without your emergency baby sitting
I don’t know what we’d do


I’d like to endorse that
You’re that card that gets us out of jail
Our “ have nursing skills will travel”
Our Florence Nightingale

J (child)

What I’d really like to say
And it’s from Alara too
You’re the best Nana in the World
And we really both love you

N (child)

I’m confused, I don’t know
What Margaret is to me?
She’s very nice...but very old
Nearly seventy


And now all of us together
Congratulations!.. we say
You’re now..soon.. a Septuagenarian
Hip hip
Hip hip,


You know in a crisis
On me you can rely
Here's your get out of jail card
A rhyming reply

Response to 70th Birthday Poems Tribute

(Not needed as birthday celebrant tipped off to have response ready)

Thank you dear, it's nice to know
That you really cared
But I don't really need it
A mother's always prepared

It’s been a funny year
With good happenings and bad
Life isn’t always easy
It includes happy times and sad

A few years ago on this date
Which was also a Sunday
I was in the QE hospital
In fact, in the maternity bay

And after a very long day
As evening came near
My life changed forever..I became
A mother, with baby to rear

So on that year my birthday
Was spent in the QE
But I was no longer on my own
Because my daughter was with me

So on this milestone birthday
Which kindly do not forget
Today is M’s birthday
And I am not quite 70 yet.

So let us wish M
A really Happy Birthday
And thank her for this weekend
Her party talents well displayed

And to everyone here who contributed
In their particular way
I thank you for your presence
On my baby girl’s and my day.

I will just add a postscript
With reference to my age
I really can’t believe that I am
About to reach my seventh decade

I look into the mirror
And am surprised to see
This elderly person
Who bears a resemblance to me

So thank you to M
For gathering you all here
Speeches now are all done
So let’s raise a glass in cheer

70th Birthday Poems
Material (to be adapted)

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