Jon Bratton's

Granddaughter Poems

but, first...

I've been writing verses
For 60 years...phew!
And d'yer know why I did it?
T'was especially for you

Jon Bratton

Here's the first of my Granddaughter poems
To a wonderful Grandaughter 
A loving wish for you, 
For a life that's filled with happiness 
No matter what you do.

(Happy Birthday)(Merry Christmas) (Sophie ) 
A few words just to show, 
Just how much we love you 
And we wanted you to know. 

You may, one day, outgrow our laps,
But you'll never outgrow our hearts.

© V4C 

You're so very precious 
It's wonderful to find, 
A girl so very loving 
And always very kind. 

So now we really want to say 
How proud we are of you, 
And wish for you a special day 
When all your dreams come true. 

Have a lovely (birthday) (Christmas) 
Lots of love to our day brightener and heart warmer
from Grandma and Granddad

© V4C 

A special day, a special year 
And so this brings to you... 
Warm congratulations 
And the best of wishes, too... 
For you're a special granddaughter 
And no matter what the day... 
You're thought about with lots more love 
Than any words can say. 

on your 
Special Day 
Lots of love from
Nana and Granddad

© V4C 

May all dreams, aspirations, wants come true
And your (Furby)(My Little Pony) (favorite) toy
Come beautifully wrapped
And bring excited joy
(Happy Birthday)(Merry Christmas) to (my)(our) darling treasure

© V4C 

The Angels are all smiling 
Down from Heaven today 
For you were joyfully born 
Many years ago this very day. 

Your parents were so proud 
Even the doctors and nurses knew 
That you were loving and giving 
And over the years-this was proven true. 

(Happy Birthday) (Merry Christmas) to a wonderful person 
You deserve all your wishes to come true 
And all the joy that you can hold- 
(Birthday)(Christmas) Hugs and Kisses Just For You! 

Lots of love from
Grandma and Grandpa

© V4C 

More Granddaughter Poems

These (happy birthday)(merry Christmas) wishes 
Come to let you see 
That you are all the lovely things 
A granddaughter could ever be... 
Here's wishing you a day 
When all your dreams come true 
So (happy, happy birthday)(merry, merry Christmas) 
To a very special you 

Lots of love from
Nan and Granddad 

© V4C 


You're such a special Granddaughter 
Of that there is no doubt, 
The kind that lucky Grandparents 
Are proud to boast about... 
You're always very happy 
To stop and chat a while, 
And brighten up the room 
With the sunshine of your smile. 
It's true to say you've often heard 
How dear you are, but then 
Just can't resist this special chance 
To tell you so again. 

(Happy Birthday)
(Merry Christmas)
Lots of love from
your devoted

© V4C 

We're so happy you’re our granddaughter
And we really want to say
We love you, nay, adore you
Have a wonderful (Birthday) (Christmas Day) (Christening Day)
Lots of love from
Gran and Gramps

© V4C 

More Granddaughter Poems, here for you
A Granddaughter is someone
To think about always, 
For thoughts of her bring warmth and cheer... 
A Granddaughter is someone 
To thank so much always 
For being so special all year... 
A Granddaughter is someone 
To care about always And wish worlds of happiness to... 
A Granddaughter is someone 
To love so much always, 
That is, if she's someone like you. 

(Happy Birthday)
(Merry Christmas) 
Lots of love from
Nan and Grandad

© V4C

(Your birthday)(Christening)(Christmas) is the perfect time
To say a word or two
About how really nice it is
To have a Granddaughter just like you
It also is the perfect chance
To send this wish your way
For all life’s best and finest things
Today and everyday

© V4C 

We couldn't wait to meet you
When we heard that you'd arrive
And now that you are really here
Oh how our love does thrive.
We can't wait till you start talking
When we have a lovely chat
(Nanna Marg and Grandpa Jon)
We can't wait till you call us that
Our special cherished granddaughter
You're a welcome blessing from above
So on your (Christening) first (birthday) (Christmas)(Easter)(Sophie)
We're sending our boundless love.

Lots of love
Nanna and Grandpa

© V4C 

Granddaughter (Sophie) you're our joy
And our love so true
You make us truly happy
And so very proud of you

Boundless love from Gran and Granddad

© V4C 

I have a little Granddaughter,
Who means the world to me
She is so lovely and so precious
And is as special as can be

© V4C 

Darling (Sophie) you are unquestionably
Our little dream fulfilled,
We're the happiest grandfolk on the planet
Who couldn't be prouder and more thrilled

Another batch of Granddaughter Poems for you

© V4C 

(Sophie Sparks) you are a star
At least to Granddad, and Grandma
This card is our way to say
May you have the perfect day
(On Christmas Day) (Easter Sunday) (On your (Xth) birthday)

© V4C 

That's all the granddaughter poems for now

or, as often searched for, by the Brits, grandaughter poems. I've brought you the best, short, cute, free granddaughter poems, verses for birthday, Christmas, Easter etc 

More Granddaughter Poems

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