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Remembrance Poems for Fathers

but, first...

I've been writing verses
For 60 years...phew!
And d'yer know why I did it?
T'was especially for you

Jon Bratton

Welcome to Remembrance Poems for Fathers which brings you free to use, for non commercial purposes, verses about remembering a father who has passed on but in fact, with adaption, they are suitable for remembering any lost family member or friend

Gone, but not forgotten, Dad
Its now been a good long while
But when, as you do, come into mind
My face feels compelled to smile

Jon Bratton © 2016

© V4C 

Dad, I really miss you
That, you must never doubt
Keep my space
next to you, up there,
Is what I say..nay..
(or do you no longer blare your telly?)

Jon Bratton © 2006

© V4C

What would I give to clasp his hand,
His happy face to see,
To hear his voice, and see his smile
That meant so much to me.

© V4C 

Dear (Grandpa Simpson)
(Christmas)(Birthday)(Memorial) Wishes, perhaps the best yet
From (Melissa, Vivian and Sophie)
The loving( granddaughters) you never met

 © V4C

The rolling stream of life rolls on.
But still the vacant chair
Recalls the love, the voice, the smile
Of the one who once sat there.

© V4C 

Nothing can ever take away
The love a heart holds dear.
Fond memories linger every day,
Remembrance keeps him near.

Remembrance Poems for Fathers

He had a nature you could not help loving,
And a heart that was purer than gold,
And to those who knew him and loved him
His memory will never grow cold.

© V4C 

More and more each day we miss him
Friends may think the wound is healed
But they little know the sorrow
Lying within our hearts concealed

© V4C 

You’re not forgotten, father dear
Nor ever shall you be
As long as life and memory last
I shall remember thee.

© V4C 

His memory is as dear today
As in the hour he passed away.

Remembrance Poems for Fathers

The blow was great, the shock severe
We little thought his death so near
Only those that have lost can tell
The sorrow of parting without farewell

 © V4C

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For a Mother

(15) years ago today
A special lady passed away.
We miss her, here, on this earthly plane,
But hope one day to meet again.
Today, we will celebrate her life,
A wonderful mother, granny, aunt and wife.

Erica Penwright Bratton © 2016

© V4C

We often think of days gone by
When we were all together.
A shadow o’er our lives is cast,
Our loved one gone forever.

Part of WW1 Poem

© V4C

And have you gone, forever gone
And left us here to weep
Till we are called to follow you,
And in the grave to sleep.
Yet since you could no longer stay
To cheer us with your love,
We hope to meet you again in
The bright world above.

© V4C

One precious to our hearts has gone,
The voice we loved is stilled;
The place made vacant in our home
Can never more be filled.
Our Father in His wisdom called
The one His love had given,
And so on earth the body lays -
His soul is safe in Heaven.

© V4C 

No one knows how much I miss you,
No one knows the bitter pain
I have suffered; since I lost you
Life has never been the same.
In my heart your memory lingers,
Sweetly tender, fond and true;
There is not a day, dear father,
That I do not think of you.

© V4C 

We think of him in silence,
No eyes can see us weep;
But still within our aching hearts,
His memory we keep.

© V4C 

Silent is the voice we loved to hear;
Too far away for sight or speech,
But not too far for thought to reach.
Sweet to remember him who once was here,
And who, though absent, is just as dear.

© V4C 

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