Jon Bratton's

Goodbye Coworker Poem

but, first...

I've been writing verses
For 60 years...phew!
And d'yer know why I did it?
T'was especially for you

Jon Bratton

Goodbye Coworker Poem

This is just a little ditty
It’s a sort of ma salama poem
To say good luck to Hal and Pat
As they make their way back home

Back home to good old Stateside
To liquor, pork and ham
Of course they’re going to leave old friends behind
Especially at Pan Am

Who are in a state of panic
Like bees without a hive
When the news hits the Markets
Their stocks will surely dive

Because the Tennessee Globe Trotters
Have seen more places than the Grooms
They’re recognized as experts
On Airport Waiting Rooms

Because they never leave the airport
Well, they haven’t got the time
Hotel rooms are so expensive
Waiting rooms, not a dime

Hal again will don his traveling slacks
Seven times around the Globe
Those slacks have seen more airline seats
Than Sheikh Yamani’s thobe

goodbye coworker poem continued

Goodbye Coworker Poem

Back to good old Uncle Sam
To green grass, stream and tree
To democracy and freedom
Hal will go anywhere that’s free

As I bid the fondest of farewells
And I speak for all the rest
As the lovebirds of Alabama
Return to the nest

The Oliphant’s trunk is packed upon
A fleet of jumbo jets
We know you’ll remember us
An Oliphant never forgets

This poem should really end now
In case I run out of rhyme
But I’m like Hal..he’ll go on for hours and hours
If you ask him for the time

Well, it’s goodbye to all the restrictions
And the quaint old Amphroia ways
It’s goodbye to free utilities
It’s goodbye to jackpot pays

It’s goodbye to racetrack driving
Maniacs and freaks
It’s goodbye to stingy holidays
Of a lousy three weeks

It’s goodbye to the Sino
And the good old R.P.
It’s goodbye to bottled sanity
From 22B

Goodbye Coworker Poem

Tonight we remember you
In our hearts it’s true
Next week if you’re mentioned
We’ll say “Hal and Patti who?”

Goodbye, good luck, a fond farewell
This really is the end
Siddique glass is raised aloft
Siddique, it means friend

Jon Bratton © 1983

© V4C 

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