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Leaving Poem is the web page that brings you a speech in rhyme form which is a roasting, shared experiences and a tribute to a co worker as he leaves a job and country (Amphroia) to return home after as spell as an expat in foreign climes

This leaving poem is one of many that I wrote and delivered as a speech when I worked as an expatriate. All the names have been changed, except mine. Although this is very specific to the people involved some verses are generic and the others may inspire you to write verses specific to your "victim"

This is an exit only leaving poem
It's another time for mourning
These ditties are beginning to worry me
They're becoming habit forming

But this one is sad, indeed
To see Tom and Carol go
To all who know and love them
It's a terrible, terrible blow

Of course, we're not alone in feeling sad
To lose these intrepid flyers
Just think of the loss that must be felt
By the local moonshine suppliers

Because they rate Tom as one of the best
On their list he comes first
Well, Tom, you may have noticed
Has a most prodigious thirst

Of course he doesn't drink it all himself
Mind you, he drinks most
But everyone agrees that Tom
Is a fine and generous host

There can't be many people
Well, at least, those still alive
Who haven't suffered hangovers
After a night at 815

I remember well, last Christmas
It still makes me frown
I wasn't seen at all next day
Well, I had meetings down in town

And who remembers Ground Hog's Day
The thought makes Derek wince
He woke up with the DT's
He's had them ever since

And Glenn Sanders still remembers
And what about McPherson
He staggered from the Diamond House
He's still a missing person

And then there's David Atkinson
He has cause to grieve
About the time he taught Tom Drummond
About how the Scots spend New Years Eve

Of course Tom has other hobbies
Apart from having a drink
There's err...em.. errr
Just give me time to think

Ah yes, he's a stamp collector
His collection could go on show
He has more exit-reentry stamps
Than anybody else I know

Because 90 day Drummond
Likes to get away
He likes to work hard
But he also likes to play

Because the World has so much to offer
When you board the plane to fly
Well, there's vodka, gin and champers
Bourbon, scotch and rye

Then there was that Greek cruise
Expensive, but what the heck
It wasn't the luxury cabin
It was the bar bill up on deck

Then, of course, there was Kenya
Now there's a trip to please
Shooting God's creatures...with a camera
Among the rocks and trees

And Tom had a stroke of luck
With the help of his trusty stalker
He took a shot of something on the rocks
It was a shot of Johnny Walker

Enough of Tom, it's Carol's turn
I've slated Tom enough
What can I say about Carol
Except she's a cracking bit of stuff

Carol, you're a lady
Cheerful, bright and breezy
You're a loyal and devoted wife to Tom
God knows that can't be easy

And you really look after Tom
Romantic, beneath the moon
We've seen the 'Do Not Disturb' signs
Every Friday afternoon

And I know Tom thinks you're the best
He doesn't have to tell us
Many a guy's seen the winks and nods
Many a guy's felt jealous

Carol, you're as good as Christmas...Christmas carol
Forgive the pun
But I'm going back to Tom
Being nasty's much more fun

Tom, I'm coming back to you
I can see you're getting mad
So I better say this quickly
Your parting makes me glad err sad

You've been a really super guy
And I wish this weren't the end
You call yourself a manager?
To me, you've been a friend

I've done this type of leaving poem speech before
Well, for Pauline and for Hal
But that was for a workmate
This one's for a pal

What can I say Tom, you're a spiffing chap
And it's hard saying this in front of this mob
But Tom I mean this sincerely
Can I have your job?

I'm trying to be sincere
And I keep going for the laugh
But I'm going to be serious now
On behalf of all your staff

You've been more like a father
Than just a Section Head
And I'm saying this in proxy
For Andy and Fred

On behalf of Doug, Derek and I
And not forgetting Jun
Please bear with me for just a little while
I'm going to finish soon

Thanks ol' mate for everything
I'm being most sincere
Thanks for being just yourself
Thanks for being here
Thanks for all you've done for us
Thanks for being true
Thanks for putting up with us
Thanks for being you

You're leaving now and that is sad
But this I'd like to say
You listened to your own drummer
And you left your own way...
....with dignity

© Jon Bratton 1986

If you want more inspiration in writing a leaving poem there's many more leaving poem examples on other pages

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