Jon Bratton's

Poems for a Funeral

by Miss Helena Socha
(Montrose Angus Scotland)

This is a poem I wrote myself

I write poems of different kinds funny serious and I write hymns as well.
This poem is especialy for sending to someone who is bereaving.

Best wishes Helena Socha


God has a lovely garden
He tends it every day,
And when our time on earth has come
We shall go there to stay.

He is watering and planting
Each seed on earth below,
They flower and bloom so beautiful
And are such a joy to know.

So when when we reach God`s garden
Which shall be pure delight,
We`ll met again the ones we loved
And praise God in His sight.

Copyright Helena Socha.

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Poem About Loss

by Sandra Woolridge
(Stoke on Trent England)


No more your face to look upon
Or beautiful smile to see
Though deep inside my heart I know
You still reside with me.

When the sun casts down its golden rays
That’s when I see your smile
Then rain drops fall just like my tears
And my heart aches for a while

A rainbow in the sky appears
With a beauty of its own
And on the breeze I hear your voice
It whispers you’re not alone.

Sandra Woolridge 2012

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Humorous yet Poignant Funeral Poem

by Sue Hicks
(Hastings, East Sussex)

This is quite a flexible poem, verses 4 and 5 can be omitted or even just the first verse used on its own. Good poem for the funeral of someone with a good sense of humour or someone who wouldn't like a "soppy" poem. I started writing poems a few weeks ago, not sure where they're coming from but I know I have to give them away and let other people use them for free so this site seemed ideal. Hope you can use them!

It's Important to be Missed.

Maybe it's time for me to go and find myself some peace,
Let go of all that I hold dear and all my fears release,
I have completed everything that I came here to do,
My memories are many and my regrets are few.

By all the people I have known I hope that I am missed,
In all your minds I hope and pray that I will still persist,
Else what was the point of being here if I just fade away?
T'was not my fault I had to go, I tried so hard to stay.

I hope there's plenty of you that will shed for me a tear,
It's important that I mattered in the time that I was here,
I really hope that I have not just been a waste of space,
And that really you can't wait for me to leave without a trace.

Life is full of people that don't seem to contribute,
As they go through life they always take the easy route,
They take from all around them and give us nothing back,
Their lives must be so empty and friends they surely lack.

They will use possessions as a measure of success,
The fastest car, the biggest house, always more not less.
But you can't take it with you when you leave this mortal coil,
And your body's six feet under all covered up with soil.

The things that really matter are the things we cannot see,
Like friendship, love and peace and our spirituality.
It's what we did for others that we will be remembered for,
Not what we owned or where we went or even what we wore.

I don't want to have a funeral where nobody turns up,
A wake with lots of food and drink and no-one there to sup,
I want a massive send off with hordes of people there,
(Some flowers would be nice as otherwise it looks so bare.)

Don't get me wrong, I don't want you all to be in floods of tears,
(Though hopefully there'll be a few before you start upon the beers!)
I am in a better place that's all I could have wished,
But even so it would be nice to know I'm sorely missed!

Keep writing, Sue!
It is indeed important to be missed. You will be. I hope this poem gives you posterity
Jon Bratton

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Poems for a Funeral

by Susan Hymer
(Bishop Auckland County Durham England)

Scattering of Nanna's Ashes

It was a sad day when you had to depart
we were with you, it broke our loving hearts.
To see you in pain until welcome relief came,
the end of an era. Our lives will never be the same.
You struggled to remember events of each day
Your memories slowly faded , drifted away.
Stories you told of your younger days were vast
we loved listening to those tales from your past.
We visited you when we could, for a hug and a chat
We wanted to show you love and compassion back
as for years you loved us and showed you cared.
You had an abundance of love for everyone to share.
It brought tears to our sadness we couldn't hide
as we comforted each other at your bedside.
We have been privileged to be part of your life
which gave us wonderful memories to share.
You lived to the grand old age of ninety-one
We knew it was time for you to go, move on
to be with your family who have had to wait
to meet you at those pearly white gates
Your special life full of memories lives on
our love for you remains in our hearts
So rest in peace, watch over us until we meet
We are pleased you are reunited with your family
most of all free from suffering and pain
today we scatter your ashes, let your spirit free
into the loving arms of your caring loving family
so you can rest in peace in heaven for all eternity.

Thanks Susan, fellow County Durhamite! Jon

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