Jon Bratton's

Poem About Cats

by May Ellis
(Bolton uk)

I breed Siamese and Oriental cats under the prefix of Mazpahs,

I also like to write poems about my cats

My Menu!!

I like to have my sardines mashed, with a little bit of rice,
You might think that’s horrible, but it’s actually quite nice.

When I ask for chicken I like to have the breast,
You can give the other nasty bits to any of the rest.

I also like a pouch or two if you mix it with fresh meat,
My Mum says it’s for good girls, an extra special treat.

And when I want something different, which I often do,
I’ll expect some fish! The special dish! That my Mum used to do!

You mix my fish with Tuna, but never with the brine!
This is a definite NO!, at this I draw the line!
A prawn or two is optional, I don’t expect too much,
But my Mum assures me they add that extra loving touch!

Ooh I also like some yogurt and just a little cheese,
I will ask you very nicely I may even say please.

A little bit of James Wellbeloved to nibble for a snack!
I hope you're paying attention? If not you’ll get a crack!

I never eat the canned stuff, no that’s not for me!
My Mum says it’s nasty, It’s not good enough for me!!

Author: May, Mazpahs Siamese

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That Tomcat!!

by May Ellis
(Bolton UK)

Poems About Cats (2)
That Tomcat!!

Hello said the tomcat with a smile,
Trust your new friend for a while,

Don't try to escape through this fence!
I'm the guy with experience.

Come back later she said with a grin
When May's finished that bottle of Gin.

I'll get through the cat flap when she's in bed,
I'll meet you at 11 behind the shed!

Time to go in it's time for Tea
Can you hear her she's shoutin' me.

Later that night we met as planned
Walked to the park hand in hand.

When I got home I felt the guilt
And ran upstairs and got under May's quilt.

I was thinking over and over what have I done??
I was very naughty but it was Fun!.

Nine weeks later The Kittens are here,
I didn't expect them to appear!.

Now off the teats, mature at last,
Homes are needed quick and fast.

MAY's not happy! Call the CSA
Im gonna make that TOM CAT PAY!

May has many more poems about cats on her website

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Pet Poems

by Jon Bratton

Born not free, as the wind blows
On offer at Harrods, in a cage very small
Two guys took pity and bought a lion cub
Which grew up having a ball

Yes, Christian, the cub, enjoyed the growing
But soon he was fully grown
He was taken to Africa and released into the wild
But could he cope alone?

Now truly free, to follow his heart
He'd soon forget his human friends
In no time at all he was head of his pride
But that's not where the story ends

A majestic, but lethal, wild lion
Approaches two guys, unarmed and coy
Such a meeting is fraught with danger
Would it bloodshed or in joy?

As you watch the encounter, remember
How long it's been since they said goodbye
Whatever you think of the outcome
I defy you not to cry

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