Jon Bratton's

Baby Shower Poems

but, first...

I've been writing verses
For 60 years...phew!
And d'yer know why I did it?
T'was especially for you

Jon Bratton

Welcome to Baby Shower Poems

Think Pink? Think Blue?

Check the date...(Julie's) almost due! 


(Julie) might be expecting 
But she's not expecting this 
We're planning a shower 
You don't want to miss 

Please join our shower
For the mommy to be
And for the little baby 
That we've been waiting to see 

We are having a shower 
Full of games and fun 
A day to celebrate new life 
We hope you can come!


We're having a baby shower 
We hope that you can come
And join our little party
It's sure to be such fun

Just a little party
With a little treat
In honor of somebody special
We'd like you to meet!

Baby Shower Thank You Poems

With tiny hands and tiny feet 
I hope that very soon we'll meet 
I hope that you will stay a while 
And make my mommy (and daddy) smile. 

Although I can't be there today 
There's something sweet that I'd like to share, 
Thank you for your gifts and wishes 
Please help mommy with the dishes. 
And enjoy this wonderful cake! 

Love from Baby (Smith)

These Verses, Quotes Free printable 'Congratulations and Welcome, I Love You' Announcements concerning the new baby son, daughter, brother, sister, grandson, granddaughter you're having, expecting or has been born /unborn, on time or premature, whether first baby boy or girl, or twins from friends, Mom, Mum, Mother, Father, Dad, Daddy, Grandparents, baby sitter.

These short, funny, inspirational, Christian and non religious New Baby poems, verses, quotes, sayings, well wishing dedications are free, a gift from us, for baby shower invitations or thank you 

More Baby Shower Poems

I'm sorry I can't be with you, 
But I'm very busy you see, 
Doing my last bit of growing, 
So mommy will be proud of me.

I'm sending this little message, 
To convey to you this thought, 
The Stork will soon have left me, 
To use the gifts you brought.

Be sure to come and see me, 
As soon as I get here, 
Just give mother time, 
To dress me ever so dear. 

And so I Thank You from my heart, 
For each lovely gift for me,
For when the Stork leaves me with mommy, 
I'll not be dressed you see. 

Little Baby (Smith)


Baby Shower Poems

(Julie's) having a baby
We know that you know
Come see her big tummy now
And her new-mom-to-be glow!

We'll be playing games and chatting
And for goodness sake
We need you to help us
Eat all the yummy cake

Baby Shower Poems

For that cutie little bundle
That's growing inside you
We already love you very much
And can't wait until we meet you to!

We already love your Mom & Dad
And know we'll feel the same;
Probably a lot more we're told
Even though you don't yet have a name!

From your Grandma & Grandad.


Baby Shower Poems

New babies are little miracles
Or so everyone tells me
But I think a great huge one 
Whilst God has been as busy as a bee.

Two little eyes that can already see
And ears that can hear from inside
All those bones to make you up
God takes it in his stride.

Miracle after miracle 
To make you all brand new
Little hands and little feet
A cutie nose and a mouth to chew.

So welcome to the world my son
You are the best gift from above;
Your Mom and me will try our best
To shower you with all our love!

Hold you closely from your Dad


Babies are Angels that fly to the earth, 
Their wings disappear at the time of their birth 
One look in their eyes and we're never the same 
They're part of us now and that part has a name 
That part is your heart and a bond that won't sever 
Our Babies are Angels, we love them forever. 


Baby Shower Invitations

Bottles, booties, diapers, pins,
This is where the fun begins.
Baby on the way,
Let's celebrate before the big day!
In celebration of the anticipated arrival of 
..............'s baby girl/boy, 
Please join us for a shower!


There is a little one on the way!

Boyish in Blue? Precious in Pink?
We don't know 'cause s/he didn't peek!

Bottles, bibs, blankets, and booties
Diapers, late nights, and parental duties
It's almost time for the glorious hour
Come celebrate with us at ........


A baby boy's a promise
Of happy things to come-
Building blocks, a rocking horse
A baseball glove, a drum
There'll be lots of noise and action
You'll be brim-full of pride
A busy, loving, fun filled home
With lots of joy inside

Baby Shower Poems

Dirt and grime is a boys promise
Holes in knees of jeans
But you wouldn't have him any other way
They're just like that and always have been.

First though is all the love and cuddles
When you are in complete control?
Or so you like to think but very soon
You'll realise he's caught your very soul.


More Baby Shower Poems

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