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Baby Girl Poems

but, first...

I've been writing verses
For 60 years...phew!
And d'yer know why I did it?
T'was especially for you

Jon Bratton

Welcome to my Baby Girl Poems page
Your lovely bouncing baby girl
Will bring you so much pleasure
And over the years will give you
Such memories to treasure


There's magic in a little girl,
In shining eyes and tossing curl,
In winsome smile and dimpled cheeks 
And music when she laughs or speaks
There's magic in a little girl, its true
Best wishes to your little girl and you. 


A baby girl brings worlds of joy
By merely being there.
Within the shelter of your arms,
The comfort of your care,

And may this joy be just a hint 
Of happy years to be
Not only for you, Baby,
But for all the family.

Baby Girl Poems

A cute baby girl
To cuddle and squeeze,
To pamper and play with 
And bounce on your knees...


More Baby Girl Poems

Your lovely bouncing baby girl (granddaughter)
Will bring you so much pleasure
And over the years will give you
Such memories to treasure

Baby Girl Poems 

A little bit of heaven 
Drifted down from above - 
A handful of happiness, 
A heartful of love. 
The mystery of life,
So sacred and sweet 
The giver of joy 
So deep and complete. 
Precious and priceless, 
So lovable, too 
The world's sweetest miracle,
Baby girl, is you.


She's a little bit of sunshine
She's a smile to light our days
She will steal our hearts and keep them 
With her warm endearing ways 

She's our precious little daughter
With a sweetness from above
Who will fill our years with laughter
And our lives with lots of love. 

Baby Girl Poems

Little girls are precious gifts,
Wrapped in love serene. 
Their dresses tied with sashes 
And futures tied with dreams.


Little hands and tiny feet,
Shy, and cute, and so petite;
Little whimpers, little cries,
Darling, little sparkling eyes;

Outstretched fingers, wiggling toes;
God, how can you love them so
Children chase away the gloom,
And sunshine fills most every room;


A little girl from up above
Is sent from heaven for you to love
So cherish all the early years
And raise a glass to all the cheers 

Baby Girl Poems

Bless your precious little heart
You still don't know as yet
How happy and excited
Grown-up folks can get

But soon you will discover
The pride and gladness too
That started on the happy day
Their home was blessed with you.


When those tiny fingers curl 
So sweetly around your own, 
You’ll feel some of the deepest joy 
That you've ever known
Because it doesn’t take so long 
To understand how much 
Your whole life can be transformed 
By a baby girl's touch


This brings congratulations 
And the warmest wishes too 
Now that you have a brand new daughter
To share your life with you

For there's nothing any nicer 
Than a bouncing baby girl
To fill your home with happiness- 
And Your hearts with pride and joy


A Baby Girl Lives Here Now

In the corner of the spare room,
There's a little cradle now:
And the day-to-day routine
Has gotten busier somehow.
There's a bib among the napkins--
And a talcumy perfume
Drifts around the little toys
That lie about the room.
The little teddy bear stands guard
With his round and rolly eyes
When all the house is still
But for the sounds of lullabies.
Yet even without all these things,
It's still obvious somehow
From the happiness that fills the air--
A baby girl lives here now


For charming you, disarming you, 
and giggling with glee. 
Babies are for kissing and missing 
when you're gone, 
For walking with & talking with, and putting booties on. 
Babies are a pleasure, a treasure from above, 
They're to adore, but even more,
Babies are for love. 

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