Making Money from Website

This page exists because so many people have written to me wanting to know more about earning an income from websites and in particular about SBI

Here are the most commonly asked questions and my answers

"How much are you making per month and how long did it take?"

It takes about a year before Google considers your domain to be mature but that's OK because realistically it takes about a year for you to create lots of pages with good content. With one years hard work it is possible to earn $1000 per month as I did

"If I paid out $299 for Solo Build It (SBI)what would I make in the first year if I created, say 60 pages?"

I can estimate the return based on the daily page views I got. I have to estimate because I did not monetise in that first year. By the 5th month I would have earned back the $299
Here's the estimated monthly earning based on the daily page views. I can't actually give you the page views as I do not wish to breach Google's confidentiality terms
Month 1 $ 15
Month 2 $ 15
Month 3 $ 45
Month 4 $ 150
Month 5 $ 225
Month 6 $ 225
Month 7 $ 270
Month 8 $ 300
Month 9 $ 300
Month 10 $ 300
Month 11 $ 450
Month 12 $ 850
Total $3295
The total earned in the first year, on my figures, would have been about US$3295...a nice profit on the $299 outlay but note in particular how the traffic jumped in the last month of the first year...that is partly because Mother's day fell in that month but also through Google recognizing that the website is beginning to mature.
At the 12 month old stage the website had 60+ pages. It has more now and earns considerably more now a level that, in the US, would be called Median to High Income

Is this really as easy as it sounds?

Probably the most common question. The answer is yes. Just spend the time building good content and the money will flow.

SBI makes sure that you will get picked up by the search engines and achieve a good position on the search results pages. You will get the traffic and once you know about ad placement (hint: copy my ad placement) you will get the sort of earnings I have suggested.

So am I right to say it's easy? Some of you will think, well, if there's only a bit of hard work standing between me and financial freedom, then yes bring it on.
If, on the other hand, you thought you only had to press a few buttons and the money would flow, well, the answer's no. If it was that easy everybody would be doing it under a Get Rich Quick scheme costing thousands of dollars

"What if I can't write?"

Anyone can write a recipe. Ask granny, get it from a book (but give credit to the source) Anyone can gather quotations. Anyone can list movies, their cast etc
If you can't write gather in the information but do make it your; create something original
It does not take clever writing skills, nor technical knowledge. You do not need to know anything about computers or websites.
You will have to learn a lot, but that learning is part of SBI. You will be guided through the whole process.

If you're still undecided visit

SBI The Way to Financial Freedom

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